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Zygomatic Surgical Kit

DSI Zygomatic surgical drill kit developed especially for zygomatic implant socket preparation and includes all the necessary items for convenient operation. The kit includes long cylindrical coated drills that are made with the highest durability and deliver exceptional functionality. This kit includes high-end surgical tools and is designed in a very specific manner for zygomatic implant installation. All the instruments are made of the best raw materials on the best CNC machines, delivering the highest quality and reliability. DSI Zygomatic surgical will give you extremely high accuracy, low vibration, and minimum heat generation allowing quiet, easy, and comfortable work time after time.

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The drills have outstanding cutting power, exceptional corrosion resistance, and superior reliability and durability. All the items in the kit could be sterilized in an autoclave including the box. This is an all-in-one kit and does not require additional instruments, units, or tools in order to prepare the socket.

Product Details

DSI zygomatic drills are coated which gives them a great advantage over the regular drills. The vibration levels are significantly reduced compared to any standard drill. They work smoothly, with minimal heat generation. Less temperature increases the drill's lifespan and lowers bone heating, and as the result- no bone necrosis peril occurs. All of that gives better stability for an implant and a lesser risk for abruption and a better healing process for the patient.

DSI Zigomatic kit includes a round bur for an initial socket preparation instead of a common pilot drill. Additionally, the kit includes diamond burs for groove preparation. They are used right after the initial socket is complete. These burs work as degranulation burs and are designed for the removal of elements such as soft tissue, debris, and bone fragments that could potentially impair the healing process. But this is not the only advantage they have. They are also built in a special way that allows them to perform micro-grooves inside the socket. It drastically improves osseointegration, increases implant stability, and allows a safer and faster healing process to take place.

The kit also includes a diamond reamer for sinus lateral procedure which comes in handy for an immediate loading and bone grafting initiation if needed. DSI Zigomatic kit was essentially developed to fit with a 1.4M multi-unit. The 1.4M multi-unit system is the ultimate solution for a zygomatic implant and allows more angulation options than any other multi-unit system. This is a great advantage, especially for zygomatic implants considering the rare angles it is used to complete the restoration.


• Made of the highest quality surgical stainless steel.
• Manufactured on the latest generation of high-precision CNC machines.
• Completely compatible with DSI zygomatic implants.
• Developed to fit with a 1.4M multi-unit
• Embedded with Dark Grey coating, with outstanding corrosion resistance and exceptional durability.
• Minimum Drill/Bone heat generation, low vibration, controlled and precise work with confidence.
• Special length marks that stay visible even in the harshest conditions.
• Special burs for degranulation, socket cleaning, and making microgrooves inside the implant socket.
• Diamond reamer bur for sinus lateral window.
• The complete kit does not require additional units.

SK007: DSI Zygomatic surgical Full Kit
ZGT29-S, ZGT29: zygomatic drill Ø2.9mm L 54, 82mm
ZGT35-S, ZGT35: zygomatic drill Ø3.5mm L 54, 82mm
ZDG60: depth gauge for zygomatic implant - osteotomy depth marks at 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60mm
HD: manual surgical implant driver Ø2.42mm for internal hex
RHD: manual ratchet driver adapter for Ø6.35mm hexagon driver connection
SD-RDL24: zygomatic pilot round bur
DB4240-R, DB4240-C: diamond bur for groove preparation, Ø4.0mm L 37mm regular, coarse
MM24028: motor mount driver for implant Ø2.42mm L 28mm
MM12528: motor mount driver for abutment Ø1.25mm L 28mm
RDK24100, RDK24150: ratchet driver for implant Ø2.42mm L 10 and 15mm
RDK125100, RDK125150: ratchet driver for abutment Ø1.25mm L 10 and 15mm
MMRA: motor mount to ratchet adapter
RDK-MU10: ratchet driver key for MUA
sinus reamer bur for lateral approach Ø8.0mm L 25mm

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