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Various dental instruments and surgical kits, developed by an experienced R&D team, help dental surgeons in everyday practice. From measuring to planning to dental implants and suprastructures insertion tools, we understand your needs and provide solutions.

Highly technological manual prosthetic drivers, for abutment tightening with the ability to limit the torque mechanically at safe level.

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Cordless electric prosthetic driver, with torque 20/30Ncm torque selection. Supplied with 1.25 driver bits + universal latch motor mount adapter.

Implants, cover screws, healing caps and temporaries- with one unique motor mount driver An improved holding mechanism to prevent falls.

A full set of drivers for all types of abutments including healing caps, pre-fabricated abutments multi units, ti-bases. Everything in one compact kit.

Set of different motor mount drivers for abutments compatible with the most popular platforms on the market. With manual and ratchet adapters.

A device for placing dental implants. It is a perfectly balanced combination simplicity of use, powerful performance, safety, and high working accuracy.

This manual tool, shaped as a contra-angle will help you in keeping torque under full control. Pre-set torque levels – 5 Ncm to 35 Ncm in steps of 5 Ncm.

Designed especially in order to precisely determine the tissue height above the implant while eliminating any mistakes that may occur.

A tool kit, designed as a visual angle indicator for selecting structures on implants according to the variety of varying angles in non-parallel cases.

Special gauges for multi-units (all-on-x cases). Made of grade-5 titanium. Built-in with 3 most popular angulations -17, 30 and 45 degrees.

DSI P.R.F. System is a fibrin membrane preparation kit. Very useful in making multiple membranes of the desired shape which enables speedy surgery.

The tools that assist the clinician in measuring the exact depth & angle of the osteotomy, during the drilling procedure, before implant placement.

DSI jagged parallel pins are engineered with a deep understanding of the need of today's dentistry and implant placement.

Ultra-coarse diamond burs with morphological design for removing soft tissue in post-extraction sockets without damaging the bone.

DSI eiDriver Gen II is a new generation of an electronic highly technological driver that is made for abutment screws tightening.

Angulated Guide Pins provide the perfect way to assess the precise angle of multiple implants, improving precision and providing superior results when fitting dentures.

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DSI jagged parallel pins are engineered with a deep understanding of the need of today's dentistry and implant placement.