DSI Digital solutions

The integration of digital technology into the dental restoration and rehabilitation workflow has drastically increased production speed. From imaging to planning, CNC machines are employed in each step of the process to ensure a precise, quality deliverable faster than ever before. Advanced materials can now be used alongside higher fabrication standards to create superior restorations with greater accuracy and control.

For decades, DSI has been an established leader in providing the dental implantation industry with quality solutions that are both reliable and user-friendly. We focus on treatments cases like atrophic jaws, crestal bone resorption prevention, and immediate loading, all aided by accurate software every step of the way.

Titanium scan bodies crafted with a special anti-reflective coating, suitable for use in intraoral and tabletop scanners alike, are exemplary for their accuracy, resilience, and ability to be autoclaved.
Our ti-bases abutments offer gingival collar height selection. Implant-level and our best-in-class multi-unit ti-base abutments include digital analogs offering unparalleled precision and fitting when incorporated into the printed model - designed to streamline the implant procedure while facilitating communication between surgeon and laboratory.

DSI Exocad Libraries for Hex and Conical platforms. Includes Implant-level and Multi-unit libs + digital analogs. Up-to-date latest versions.

Previous version of DSI Exocad Internal Hex Implant library. Supports the older (Peek) ScanBody. Added for backward compatibility .

DSI 3Shape Latest version.
 Supports Hex and Conical platforms. Includes Implant-level and Multi-unit libraries.


The application of CAD/CAM technology in dentistry boasts numerous benefits for dental professionals and patients alike. It provides consistency and predictability that didn’t exist in restorations before, converting your office into a highly advanced, state-of-the-art dental facility. By raising the level of medical care, CAD/CAM technology contributes to improving the quality of life of the patients.

Standard, or anatomical, with different gingiva heights and emergence profile. Hexed or rotational.

A Ti-base, for which you can adjust the angle of the fixation screw up to 25 degrees. Hex platform

For conical platform, for the digital restoration of any case with conical connection.

Our standard and anatomically-designed abutments can be used in any restorative solution

Ti Bases are attached to an implant for the adhesion of the digitally-prepared crown/bridges

Titanium bases for use in a digital workflow with DSI Next-gen M1.7 platform Multi-Unit System

DSI's most versatile and rich digital workflow solution for restorations on M1.4 platform MUA.

The new Scan Spray is suitable for both direct (intraoral) and indirect (model) applications for 3d scans

The design of DSI Scan Posts has been revolutionized, with a structure that is perfectly harmonized for top-notch accuracy

DSI Multi-Unit's 1.4M Scan Posts are crafted with PEEK (polyetheretherketone), a top-quality thermoplastic polymer abutment.

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The design of DSI Scan Posts has been revolutionized, with a structure that is perfectly harmonized for top-notch accuracy