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Scan Post MUA M1.4 Premium Multi-Unit

The world has seen a major advancement in tooth restorations as of late with the introduction of Ti-Base abutments and CAD/CAM technology. DSI's Ti-Base prosthetic system is being used more and more, providing users with options for various platforms and heights including emergency profile abutments that can facilitate quicker recoveries. This new method allows for faster restoration, increased accuracy, and a much lower cost than traditional processes. There is no need to make individual corrections at the laboratory or carry out remodeling - both of which take time and money. When it comes to tooth restoration services, Compared to other solutions on the market today, this is an impressive improvement.

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DSI Ti-Base library is equipped with up to 4 distinct milling precision protocols that are adjustable in order to obtain the precise scan that you require. Each of these protocols can be modified according to your preferences. Accuracy is paramount when it comes to the restoration process. The DSI Ti-Base digital system offers ultimate precision with a maximum of a few microns deviation - providing the capacity for unerring accuracy in your restorations.

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DSI Multi-Unit's 1.4M Scan Posts are crafted with PEEK (polyetheretherketone), a top-quality thermoplastic polymer abutment. This material is free of any reflective surface or glare, making it the perfect choice for full mouth scanning. This scan post ensures that the scanning process will run smoothly and without interruption.

DSI Multi-Unit's 1.4M Scan Posts have been developed in a completely new shape that is perfectly balanced and provides the highest accuracy. The new shape improves the accuracy performance of the scan processes and gives you a whole new level of high-definition in scanning.


• Perfect for the fabrication of titanium or hybrid custom abutments
• Created for maximum precision
• Each scan body is multi-use and autoclavable
• A user-friendly and very intuitive solution compatible with the most 3D scanning systems
• Fabricated with radiopaque PEEK material and titanium base
• The digital impression can be taken both intra-orally and at the dental laboratory
• Highly durable

DS-NM07: Scan post for multi unit 1.4M 7mm height
DS-NM10: Scan post for multi unit 1.4M 10mm height
DS-NM13: Scan post for multi unit 1.4M 13mm height

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