DSI overdenture solutions are made by a monolith technology: milled from a single piece of titanium. Feature a reduced size to improve the aesthetic, it provides the effective solution for the both complete and partial denture restorations.

One of the most useful systems for edentulous cases, featuring classic design and M1.6 screw

The Premium MUA is available in 0°/17°/30°/45°, for regular and narrow platform

A selection of MUA M1.6 parts, for traditional (castable) or digital restorations (milled/printed).

A popular design for maximum compatibility, 0°/17°/30°/45°/52°/60° angulation

The MUA is available in 0°/17°/30°/45°/52°/60°, for regular platform

A selection of MUA M1.4 parts, for traditional (castable) or digital workflow (milled/printed).

A robust design with the reduced profile and stronger M1.7 fixation screws

Next-gen MUA is available in 0°/17°/30°/45° angulations, regular platform

A selection of MUA M1.7 parts, for traditional (castable) or digital restorations (milled/printed).

Special gauges for multi-units (all-on-x cases). The most popular angulations : 17, 30 and 45 degrees.

A ball attachment/loc-in hybrid abutment, featuring a very low vertical profile

A quick and simple solution for overdenture cases. Time-proven tool, used for tissue and implant-supported overdentures

Unusual approach of an angulated ball attachment helps to restore even compromised edentulous cases

An essential kit for ball attachment removable denture restorations. Ready to go with abutment, clear insert and metal housing.

DSI Ball Attachment is available in 0°/18°/30°/40° angulations, regular platform, to save even the most non-parallel case.

Flat attachment with an incredible resiliency and tolerance for the high mastication forces

A vital tool for non-parallel implant cases - corrects up to 60 degrees of divergence

A denture bar version of the loc-in attachment for more stability and patient's comfort

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