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Premium Multi-Unit Kit

DSI Premium multi-unit system designed especially for the restoration of compromised edentulous cases. It is a perfect solution that attains great results in partial and full dentures restorations. DSI multi-unit system is made primarily to meet the highest standards of modern dentistry and bestow the best aesthetics. This multi-unit system is made with the highest accuracy and precision. All the parts fit with each other perfectly and have been chosen to guarantee a swift and smooth restoration process even in the most difficult cases. DSI multi-unit system is present in a large variety of sizes, heights, angles, platforms, sets, or single units. All the pieces are compatible with a regular 1.25mm abutment driver, with no need for any additional expensive equipment.

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The DSI multi-unit system is crafted with the utmost precision. Rigorous evaluation from a highly competent team of specialists has allowed for perfect compatibility between all components, resulting in dependable accuracy. Every part works together harmoniously to create this superior system.

Product Details

DSI premium multi-unit system special design delivers the most advantageous soft tissue contouring. The unique low-profile abutment enters efficiently into shallow or deep tissue without the need for additional remodeling. DSI multi-unit abutments enable a screw-retained restoration to be inserted directly into the implant. With a wide range of screw-retained supra structures available offering more options for each patient's specific individual case.

DSI's Premium Multi-Unit system retains a selection of narrow and regular platforms, and straight and angulated multi-unit abutments. which also includes a selection of angles, in 17°, 30°, and 45° and heights. DSI premium multi-unit comes as a complete set for a choice. Any particular part can be always purchased separately if needed. The set includes all the needed parts such as analog, transfer, abutment, fixations screws, healing cap, and sleeves.

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 30-35 Ncm for the multi unit abutments. 20Ncm is recommended for the suprastractures.

Each kit includes 1 abutment, 1 open transfer, 1 closed transfer, 1 analog, 1 healing cap, 1 titanium sleeve, 1 plastic sleeve, and 2 fixation screws for the sleeves. (angulated abutment kits include additional fixation screw for the abutment and a position holder)

*Narrow* - Narrow platform 2.0mm internal hex connection - for narrow implant 3.0mm
*Regular* - Regualr platfrom 2.42mm internal hex connection


• Highest quality material.
• Ingenious design.
• Surgical efficiency.
• Ease of use.
• Superior aesthetic results.
• Comfort for the patient during and after treatment.
• Made of the highest quality titanium Grade 5, it provides the best results and allows biological compatibility.
• Accurate results every time.
• Easy and convenient to use, including all parts.
• Stability and durability are guaranteed for a long period of time.
• Great results in partial and full dentures restorations.

PMU-S-NP-10, PMU-S-NP-20, PMU-S-NP-30, PMU-S-NP-40: Straight abutment kit *Narrow*
PMU-S-RP-10, PMU-S-RP-20, PMU-S-RP-30, PMU-S-RP-40: Straight abutment kit *Regular*
PMU-A17-NP-10, PMU-A17-NP-20: Angulated abutment kit 17° *Narrow*
PMU-A30-NP-10, PMU-A30-NP-20: Angulated abutment kit 30° *Narrow*
PMU-A17-RP-10, PMU-A17-RP-20: Angulated abutment kit 17° *Regular*
PMU-A30-RP-10, PMU-A30-RP-20: Angulated abutment kit 30° *Regular*
PMU-A45-RP-20: Angulated abutment kit 45° *Regular*

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