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Prosthetic Kits

DSI prosthetic kits are a simple solution for a wide variety of different restoration cases. These little kits are built with the essential and the most used prosthetic items. Depending on the kit it could be used for a narrow or a regular platform, which significantly increases the selection of methods and systems that could be used for a specific case. DSI prosthetic kits are much better than single units, and there is no need for searching and purchasing additional parts all the time. DSI prosthetic kits deliver the best results, with no confusion, no endless search for different abutments, analogs, transfer, and other prosthetic parts that will be compatible with one another, it saves your time and gives you better value for your money.

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Each DSI prosthetic kit can be used independently and each one helps to overcome the specific need of a specific case. The most useful kit is the universal one, which includes an analog, a transfer, a healing cap, titanium, and PEEK abutments. This prosthetic kit is the most common and the most used in the dental market today.‍

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All parts of each kit are made of the highest quality materials and examined with the strictest regulations in order to deliver only the best for you. The kit is a complete solution for each individual specific need. DSI prosthetic kits come in a high-quality polymer transparent box which is ideal for working, it holds all the parts and is very convenient to use.

DSI prosthetic kits are ready-to-use solutions that deliver great results, they are compatible with a large variety of dental systems, save time and money, and remove the unnecessary inconvenience of searching for compatible parts. DSI prosthetic kits are made with a regular internal hex connection of 2.42mm and a narrow one of 2.00mm. which makes it not only the most preferable solution on the market but also the most relevant and compatible with a large variety of systems.

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 25 Ncm.


• Top quality materials.
• Excellent biocompatibility, no risk of abruption.
• Highly aesthetic, precise, and predictable results.
• Great surgical efficiency.
• Guaranteed stability and durability.
• Outstanding stability and aesthetics for all kinds of different restoration cases.
• Easy and convenient work and storage in a plastic box.
• Can be used as an immediate loading into the implant.
• Accelerates the healing process and reduces trauma.
• Ensures superior primary stability.
• Highest-level titanium alloy (Grade 5) for excellent biocompatibility and long-term usage.
• High quality PEEK abutment gives the best temporary solution.

UPK-1: Full universal kit
UPK-2S: Narrow 2.0 platfom kit
UPK-2: Standard regular kit
UPK-B: Basic kit

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