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Straight Ball Attachment

DSI ball attachment is an excellent option for overdentures partial or full, usually installed as all-on-4 or all-on-6. It is demonstrated Its effectiveness, simplicity, and convenience over a long period of time and happens to be among the most reliable solutions for denture restorations. DSI Ball attachments have a solid monoblock titanium body which provides outstanding biocompatibility. DSI ball attachments are inserted into the implants and connected to the dentures through a smart silicone caps system, that absorbs the denture movements during day-to-day usage. These caps grant great stability and align micro-shifts in order to hold the denture in place and offer a long-term convenient solution to the patient.

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Spherical ball attachments exhibit excellent pivoting ability, which is good for the patient natural chewing motion and especially critical for non-fully parallel implant placement divergence correction. However, for tilted implant cases, we suggest using our specially designed angulated ball attachment line.

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Ball attachment's remarkable mechanism maintains the dentures for a much longer period of time without replacing the caps or the attachments themselves. It also offers self-positioning to the whole structure and more stability during everyday usage.

Ball attachment's system allows a simple and easy use by the patient. After the installation of the denture, the overall maintenance could be done at home without constant appointments with the attending dentist. DSI ball attachments offer a large assortment of different platforms, heights, and other options. It is a great solution for a large variety of partial or completely edentulous cases. DSI Ball attachments can be fully hidden in the gingiva and come to aid as a permanent result with high aesthetics.‍

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 30-35 Ncm for the Ball attachments.

*Narrow* - Narrow platform 2.0mm internal hex connection - for narrow implant 3.0mm
*Regular* - Regualr platfrom 2.42mm internal hex connection


• Easy to work with
• Internal hex connection
• Solid titanium grade 5 body
• 2.5mm universal sphere diameter
• Fit 1.25mm, regular prosthetic universal driver
• Easy maintenance by the patient.
• Excellent aesthetic results.
• Stability over a long period of time.
• Biological compatibility.
• Extra resilient caps, will allow absorbing elevate masticatory forces without creating any damage to the implant

SBA05, SBA1, SBA2, SBA3, SBA4, SBA5, SBA6, SBA7: Straight ball attachment *Regular*
Straight ball attachment *Narrow*
Analog for ball attachment
BAT-PU: Transfer for ball attachment
MU-BAT: Connector for Next-Gen multi-unit
008MDS: Sphere diameter measuring tool
485IC: Insertion and extraction tool for silicone caps

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