Used to remove supragingival biofilm atraumatically and clean the stains from the tooth surface gently and effectively. Teeth cleaning with brilliant finish, no damage to tooth enamel.

Natural quartz offers excellent plaque removal and polishing during the same procedure. Highly abrasive  with minimized wear on teeth, excellent plaque and stain removal properties.

Gluten-free, individual prophy caps with refreshing fruity taste. Gentle on the gums and enamel, while providing a refreshing deep clean. No mess, no stains and absolutely no splattering.

Diamond Polishing Paste restores ground porcelain and composite into a high polish within a few minutes. A range of 2 superbly controlled grades  efficiently reach the ultimate in surface polish.

Fluoride Gel for children and adults, used to prevent tooth decay, protects the tooth with 1.23% (Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride) fluoride ion against to decay caused by acid and bacteria.

Block-Out Resin is light-cured material with ideal viscosity for creating reservoir space in whitening trays, also useful for other laboratory procedures such as model and die repairs.

Chairside kit for porcelain intra-oral repairs.
DSI Cera-Fix is a set of various components for the intraoral repair of defective ceramic- and composite-veneered fixed restorations.

Light-cured "liquid dam" a passive resin barrier used for isolating tissues prior to bleaching, sandblasting or other procedures requiring protection.

A Endo non-vital whitening. "Walking bleaching" gel formulated specifically to whiten endodontically treated discoloured teeth.

This kit is focused on fixation of the barrier membrane to the local bone. Includes applicator, tack storage cassettes and contra-angle drivers.

Silanes are porcelain primers effective in enhancing adhesion between resin composite cement and silica-based ceramic restorations.

Visual differentiation between infected carious dentine & healthy. Re-mineralizable dentine by its ability to selectively dye the carious dentine.

DSI SENSEX-BIO Remineralizing gel is a special material designed specifically to protect, preserve, and strengthen the enamel.

DSI adAstra is an aluminum oxide paste for the final polishing of direct indirect anterior and posteriorrestorations.

DSI Prophylaxis Paste is a highly effective abrasive paste designed for polishing and fluoridating teeth after scaling.

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