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Fluoride Gel

In today's world tooth decay and caries are the most common health issues. Almost all adults experience it at some point in their life, and studies show that at least 75% of children are exposed to caries and decay as well. Unfortunately, there are not any solutions to overcome these problems completely, at least not yet. But what we can do is to slow it down, and prevent it as long as we can. DSI Fluoride gel is designed especially as a preventive measure that will help your patients to have a lot healthier teeth. The gel is made using a new formula that increases the natural tooth enamel protection and resistance to decay. Using DSI fluoride gel will give your patients healthy smiles for a long time, especially the young ones.

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DSI Fluoride gel makes the teeth more resistant to acid attacks, by significantly strengthening the mineral composition of the tooth enamel. This is the safest solution for preventing tooth decay in its early stages. It can and should be used as a prophylactic measure and allow a much healthier oral environment.

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DSI fluoride gel contains 1.23% fluoride ions. It is designed to prevent tooth decay and preserve tooth enamel. Clinical research shows that using fluoride gel stimulates a significant reduction in tooth decay. DSI Fluoride Gel is used to prevent tooth decay and is an economical and quick application gel fluoride treatment. The neutral PH formula is safe and effective for patients with porcelain or composite restorations.

It is simple and convenient to use. It is very viscous and yet flows easily. DSI fluoride gel will thicken during treatment to increase patient comfort. Smooth and thixotropic consistency and excellent-tasting flavors will benefit every treatment. DSI fluoride gel contains 12300 ppm (1.23%) Fluoride ions. It can be used for 1 minute for 80% effectiveness or 4 minutes for 100% effectiveness.


• Prevents tooth decay in the early stages.
• Supports healthy enamel of the teeth.
• Very viscous and yet flows easily.
• Economical.
• Easy and fast application.
• Releases fluoride.
• The neutral PH formula is safe for porcelain or composite restorations.
• Makes the teeth more resistant to acid attacks.

DS-FLR-GEL-ORA-500ML: Fluoride Gel, 500ml (Orange)
DS-FLR-GEL-STR-500ML: Fluoride Gel, 500ml Strawberry)
DS-FLR-GEL-CHR-500ML: Fluoride Gel, 500ml (Cherry)

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