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Prophy Air Prophylaxis Powder

Prophylaxis Powder or prophy air as it is also called is perfect for cleaning the teeth' surface. DSI Prophylaxis powder is specially designed to remove supragingival biofilm without damaging the surrounding tissues. It cleanses the teeth very thoroughly. Thanks to the extra small particle grain powder texture it can be useful for a teeth surface, as well as for interproximal and hard-to-reach areas cleaning. DSI Prophylaxis powder is an integral part of dental clinic cleaning routines. It promotes healthier teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues, and helps to fight periodontal disease, or prevent it in cases there is none. DSI Prophylaxis powder is completely biocompatible and does not cause any antibody reaction.

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DSI Prophylaxis powder is made for the removal of supragingival biofilm, and extrinsic stains like coffee and tobacco. It is perfect for cleaning brackets and around them, interproximal cleaning, and hard-to-reach deep oral areas. Cleaning of cavity margins prior to etching, fissures prior to sealing, and preparation for bleaching.

Product Details

DSI Prophylaxis powder comes in economical packaging of 300g (35% more than the average market volume). And can be selected from 5 different tastes such as Cherry, Lemon, Mint, Wild Berry, and Exotic Fruits.

DSI Prophylaxis powder can be used for the removal of dental plaque, soft deposits, and surface stains from pits, grooves, interproximal spaces, or smooth surfaces of teeth. It is less abrasive than prophy paste and it is compatible with most air polishing units.


• Effective plaque and stain removal
• Surface preparation for cementation or composite restoration
• Teeth polishing
• Suitable for cleaning before the caries detection or bleaching
• Pleasant aftertaste and no hypersensitivity due to the special formula

PROAIR-C: Prophy Air Powder, 300 g (Cherry)
Prophy Air Powder, 300 g (Wild Berry)
Prophy Air Powder, 300 g (Exotic)
Prophy Air Powder, 300 g (Lemonade)
Prophy Air Powder, 300 g (Spearmint)

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