An ultimate solution for cutting materials such as amalgam, porcelain, metal, and even tooth structure.

Used for multi-root sectioning and separation of broken roots, for the extraction of decayed roots, apicoectomy, and cutting of the tooth neck.

Deliver perfect results and the optimal contact with the tooth surface, minimizing the risk of the tooth fracture. Quick, smooth, and vibration-free rotation.

Special Bone Carbide & Diamond Burs for ridge alteration were designed to effectively and predictably level and shape bone.

Hourglass-shaped bur, in natural, anatomical shape. Made especially for alveolar ridge smoothing and leveling in All-on-X implant placement cases.

Discover our full range of dental burs to meet your everyday needs. Perfect your craft. Synchronise your technique. And assure good patient outcomes.

Multi-fluted form TC burs, ideal for debonding and removal of any orthodontic adhesive resins and abrasives without scratch or damage to enamel.

An efficient alternative to Tungsten Carbide. The whole bur is made of one solid piece of yttrium-stabilized nano-structure zirconia.

Use the DSI Degranulation Kit to remove elements that can potentially inhibit healing or promote infection. Four burs and a suction nozzle

DSI STT Ceramic Tissue Trimmer is a rotating instrument for gingival trimming that can easily replace scalpels and electrosurgery.

First response to peri-implantitis: select the NiTi brush according to the severity state and brush the implant surface to clean and decontaminate.