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DSI Contouring Bur For Sculpting Bone

DSI Ridge Contouring Hourglass Burs are the perfect solution for manipulating bone material. The special hourglass shape design ensures that cuts are precise and efficient. No damage will be done to adjacent tissues during use, ensuring that your work is safe and reliable. Working with bone structure has never been easier or more accurate thanks to this advanced tool. DSI Ridge Contouring Hourglass Burs provide spectacular outcomes for bone manipulation treatments and surgical procedures. Ideal for any shaping requirement, from single crown restorations to multi-restoration scenarios such as all-on-4 and all-on-6 full denture restorations - these burs always offer remarkable results. Without exception, DSI Ridge Contouring Hourglass Burs provide excellent outcomes each time.

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DSI Ridge Contouring Hourglass Burs are extremely durable and safe for the patient. Thanks to the special materials and advanced design they have minimum vibration and heat generation during the rotation. The burs are made with a universal RA shank that is compatible with any contra angle low speed.

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Thanks to the impeccable quality of the raw materials and the extensively accurate production of the burs, they have become the number one choice for predictable and long-lasting highest aesthetic results. DSI Ridge Contouring Hourglass Burs are made of carbide and are built as a solid monoblock structure. It gives them incredible durability. These burs are particularly suitable for sculpting and cutting bone.

The shape ensures efficient cutting of bone tissue and greater success in any surgical procedure.These burs are known for their strength, durability, and advanced design features. They can be used in a large variety of procedures. They are specially adapted for aggressive cutting of the bone structure. The burs special shape ensures the most efficient cutting of hard bone tissues.


• perfectly safe for the patient.
• Minimum vibration during rotation.
• Made for accuracy, excellent performance, and durability.
• Highest-quality raw materials combined with uncompromised production technology
• Exceptional accuracy
• Unmatched long lifespan of the bur
• Special design for the perfect aesthetic results
• Universal latch-type shank RA connection.
• High efficiency
• Unique cutting angles of the blade
• Suitable for a variety of surgical procedures

RCB-7, RCB-10, RCB-14: Bur with head length 7, 10 and 14mm

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