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Tissue Trimmer

DSI tissue trimmer is an innovative instrument that is used for tissue cutting and gingiva reduction. It is a very effective tool and is considered to be the most useful alternative to scalpels and piezo-electric surgical tips. DSI tissue trimmer has an FG connection and It can be used with a high-speed turbine, like any other FG high-speed bur. The recommended operating speed is 300.000 - 500.000 rpm. For proper working conditions, the DSI tissue trimmer needs to be applied at a 90° angle and pressed directly to the gingival surface using light pressure. The tip of the DSI tissue trimmer is made of a special ceramic consisting of nano-structure zirconia. This material features outstanding durability, ultra-long life tool capacity, and of course high tolerance for overheating during the procedure.

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DSI tissue trimmer tip is made of a unique composition of ceramic consisting of nano-structure zirconia. It heats up by tissue friction contact, but just enough to cause immediate coagulation at the surface of the cut and prevent bleeding. This "proper heating" accomplish the perfect balance between achieving the hemostasis effect, and not causing any risk for necrosis.

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As opposed to traditional round-tip tissue trimmers, the DSI tissue trimmer features a sharp tip. Making the tip sharp allows you to create smaller cuts and operating becomes much more precise. Another benefit of the sharp tip is that it has a lot less surface to heat up which is why the tip stays considerably cooler than the regular round ones. Using a DSI tissue trimmer does not require water cooling.


• Designed to deliver the most predictable results.
• Can replace both surgical blades and piezo-electric surgery tips, as well as the use of retraction cords.
• Can be used without water spray cooling in the air turbine handpiece at full speed.
• Sharp tip allows you to create smaller cuts and operating becomes much more precise.
• Develop just enough heat to create a hemostasis effect but just enough so it will not cause the necrosis.
• Incredibly safe for the patient.
• Low contact pressure, reduced heat generation.
• Minimum vibration during rotation.
• Made for accuracy, excellent performance, and durability.
• Can be sterilized in an autoclave and used over and over again.

DSI tissue trimmer is highly break-resistant and able to withstand extreme pressure. It can be sterilized identically to all other surgical instruments.

DSI tissue trimmer can be used for:

• Contouring of gingiva for cosmetics.
• Contouring of inflamed gingival soft tissue.
• Widening the sulcus for fixed prosthodontic impressions.
• Exposing deep cervical caries or external resorption.
• Recovering intraosseous implants.
• Exposing partially erupted wisdom / fractured teeth.
• An exciting granulation tissue.
• Crown lengthening.
• Operculectomy.


• Made of a unique composition of ceramic consisting of nano-structure zirconia.
• Manufactured on the latest generation of high-precision CNC machines.
• Outstanding corrosion resistance and exceptional durability.
• Minimum heat generation, low vibrancy, controlled and precise work with confidence.
• Compatible with all FG connections.


DS-STT: Tissue trimmer Ø1.0mm

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