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Diamond IPR Burs

IPR or Interproximal reduction is a well-known orthodontic procedure. IPR is recommended for patients whose teeth are crowded and there is not enough space to perform normal teeth alignment procedures. IPR is a very common method that helps adult patients to straighten their teeth. And yet in order to complete it you have to use the right tools. DSI IPR diamond burs are the right tools. They are unique and made especially for delicate enamel removal. They are very thin and gentle and designed to meet modern needs. The burs are made to be compatible with the FG connection type. DSI IPR diamond burs can be used with ease and convenience, delivering great results time after time.

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DSI IPR diamond burs will deliver the best results but above all, they are safe and very comfortable to use. You will be able to remove just the right amount of enamel during the interproximal reduction and will not harm the teeth in any way. This is the ultimate solution for a precise and safe interproximal reduction procedure.

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Unlike the regular and most popular manual interproximal strips, DSI IPR diamond burs are much faster and more reliable. Working by hand can be uncomfortable and sometimes even hard. Especially if there is not enough room for you to operate by hand. Another reason why manual operating is less effective is the speed of the processing. You cannot work fast enough with a manual IPR strip and that causes a big disadvantage to you and your patient. The chair time is getting longer and the patient is more irritated by it. needless to say that it is not at all cost-effective for you either.

• Will not remove excessive enamel.
• Effective for anterior and posterior areas.
• A piece-to-piece perfect diamond particle grit
• Exceptional accuracy
• Special design for the perfect aesthetic results
• Minimize the risk of damaging soft tissues and excess enamel.
• Manufactured on the latest generation of high-precision CNC machines.
• Minimum heat generation, low vibrancy, controlled and precise work with confidence.

The good news is the DSI IPR diamond burs solve those issues and allows faster working time. It does not require much operation space, and the whole process can be done with a few touches of the bur. DSI IPR diamond burs are made using innovative technology. You can rest assured of the superior quality of each diamond bur. The head of the bur is composed of natural diamonds which have been specially selected and are equal in size. It is done to ensure that the bur will cut evenly at any angle. Sharper edges of the diamond grit cut faster and easier. The diamonds bonded to the head in a uniform position. Such positioning of the diamonds delivers superior cutting power and less heat generation.


• Saves chair-time.
• Unlike traditional discs, absolutely safe for the patient's tissues.
• Highest-quality raw materials combined with uncompromised production technology
• Universal FG shank.
• Sterilization - Autoclave 135°C.
• Ultra-thin design - starting from 0.035mm


IPR-035: Head Ø 0.35mm Head length 7mm Overall length 23.5mm

IPR-045: Head Ø 0.40mm Head length 7mm Overall length 23.5mm

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