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Transmetal Burs

DSI Transmetal Burs are the ultimate solution for cutting materials such as amalgam, porcelain, metal, and even tooth structure. Although the Transmetal shape can look very aggressive it is made for delicate non-traumatic work. The Transmetal bur has a monoblock structure and is made completely of a single piece of tungsten carbide. It is made that way because it gives the bur exceptional durability, accuracy, rotational stability, and long work life. Working with DSI Transmetal burs will amaze you with unparalleled results, quick cutting performance, strength, and durability. It is built to last and deliver the finest results every time, the grade of the DSI Transmetal burs is impeccable and will never fail you at work.

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DSI Transmetal burs can spin at very high speeds. DSI Transmetal burs are made with an extra-fine crosscut shape. This design is flawless for the removal of old amalgam fillings or cutting through porcelain fused to metal crowns without shattering the porcelain or damaging the bur.

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No other instrument can compare to the DSI Transmetal burs by any of its qualities. They are also highly durable. Such parameters make them the ultimate grinding machine.

DSI Barracuda Transmetal bur has a more aggressive shape than the regular Transmeal bur and a much larger head. It is built for complex heavy-duty working conditions. All the benefits of the regular Transmetal bur are upgraded in the Barracuda bur for more durability and cutting capacity, It is much stronger in every way. The Barracuda has a sharp blade geometry and multiple crosscuts for easy removal of crowns and outstanding cutting capability.


• Made of the highest quality tungsten carbide.
• Manufactured on the latest generation of high-precision CNC machines.
• Outstanding corrosion resistance and exceptional durability.
• Minimum heat generation, low vibrancy, controlled and precise work with confidence.
• Compatible with all FG connections.
• Superior "whole-body" strength, virtually indestructible.
• Cuts all hard materials including non & semi-precious metal, amalgam & composite.
• Multi-functional bur that reduces the need for a large inventory.
• Made completely of a single piece of tungsten carbide.
• Unparalleled results, quick cutting performance,  strength, and durability.

FG1957: Transmetal bur Ø1.0mm
FG1958: Transmetal bur Ø1.2mm
FG856-023: Barracuda bur Ø2.3mm

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