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DSI Diamond Burs

Dental diamond burs are the most demanded instruments in the dentistry field and almost any dental clinic uses them on a daily basis. Another fact is that today's market is overwhelmed by different options to select from. With that in mind, is crucial for a diamond bur manufacturer to excel and stand out. That is why DSI Diamond Burs stand above the rest - they provide the perfect balance of sharpness, durability, and effectiveness for a great price. Unlike most diamond burs DSI Diamond Burs can be sterilized in an autoclave and reused. It shows not only uncommon quality and performance but also makes DSI Diamond Burs more attractive in price/quality ratio. Instead of purchasing new disposable burs every time, you can just use DSI Diamond Burs.

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DSI Diamond Burs can be used with a large variety of elements and materials like enamel, acrylic, ceramics, porcelain, metal alloys, and composite materials. Thanks to the impeccable quality of the raw materials and the extensively accurate production of the burs, they have become the number one choice for the highest aesthetic results.

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So why exactly DSI Diamond Burs are so good? They are because of the innovative technology featuring strict adherence to ISO standards. So you can be assured of the superior quality of each diamond bur. The head of the bur is composed of natural diamonds which have been specially selected and are equal in size. It is done to ensure that the bur will cut evenly at any angle. Sharper edges of the diamond grit cut faster and easier during dental procedures. The diamonds bonded to the head in a uniform position. Such positioning of the diamonds delivers superior cutting power and less heat generation. Not only that but it also leads to cleaner more efficient cutting which leads to less chair time and improves the overall procedure for both the patient and the clinic. The shank is produced from stainless steel with a nickel protective layer. The galvanic nickel lowers heat generation and provides outstanding corrosion resistance.

This is a premium line of diamond burs. Unlike any other commercial average product. DSI Diamond Burs are made with strict compliance with ISO and could be reused after sterilization. Because DSI diamond burs have a small cutting edge, they can often be touched when spinning by a finger without cutting the skin, which flexes out of the way, although it would not be safe to pinch or grip them from two sides. Hard metal or ceramic workpieces cannot flex beyond the cutting edges, so the tools remove only the material you need. This characteristic makes them suitable for a numerous variety of procedures in dentistry, as the tool will grind the hard enamel of teeth, yet leaves soft tissues unharmed if one should erroneously touch them.


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• Outstanding corrosion resistance and exceptional durability.
• Universal FG shank
• Sterilization - Autoclave 135°C, Thermal (hot air) sterilization, ultrasonic, bath in preparation for disinfection.
• Highest-quality raw materials combined with uncompromised production technology
• A piece-to-piece perfect diamond particle grit
• Exceptional accuracy
• The unique diamond bonding process ensures excellent diamond particle retention and cutting power
• A wide selection of grit levels, shapes, and diameters for any kind of applications
• A high concentration of diamonds is homogenously distributed throughout the entire instrument, ensuring a long-lasting product

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