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Zirconia Debonding Bur

Selecting a debonding bur requires attention to detail. With this in mind, DSI has created the unparalleled Zirconia Debonding Bur. This is no ordinary product, It marks a major advancement in the orthodontic industry and distinguishes itself from any other bur on the market. This unique bur is designed to seamlessly remove adhesive residue with no damage done to enamel surfaces. The DSI Zirconia Debonding Bur offers an excellent way to remove any adhesive residue and is fast and dependable. It stands out from other burs due to its rounded-tip design, providing safe surface contact with no sharp edges. Furthermore, it operates at a low speed and does not generate heat - making it the safest bur option available as there is no risk of damage to the enamel or discomfort for patients.

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Not only it is the safest and more efficient than any other bur, but it can be sterilized in an autoclave, like any other metal bur, which makes it also a reusable instrument. DSI Zirconia Debonding Bur is made of yttrium-stabilized nano-structure zirconia and is very durable. If treated right and stored in proper conditions it can be used for a very long time.

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In addition to the Zirconia bur, you can also have the DSI Disposable Finishing Tip. This tip is perfect for use after cleaning the enamel surface. The disposable tip smoothens and polishes the tooth to prevent further plaque accumulation. The Disposable Finishing Tip is made of glass-fiber reinforced resin. It can make an astonishing addition to the zirconia bur. It may also be used to remove cement and resin residue from the tooth surface. But its main job is to efficiently regain the luster and smoothness of the enamel. This tip will give your patient's great shiny smiles they deserve.

DSI Zirconia Debonding Bur head is created as a monoblock structure and it is ideal for the removal of any orthodontic adhesive resins and abrasives. The suggested working speed is between 10,000 and 20,000 rpm. This bur is compatible with a contra-angle low speed and can be used for both lingual and distal adhesive removal. DSI Zirconia Debonding Bur is manufactured for fast and easy removal with maximum minimization of the potential damage to the patient's enamel. Being an RA connection bur that is made for contra-angle low speed it is especially suitable for delicate and gentle work. DSI Zirconia Debonding Bur can remove the orthodontic adhesives at low contact pressure, which drastically reduces the heat generation upon lesser contact. Also, the bur is made for minimum vibration during rotation. DSI Zirconia Debonding Bur is perfect for the removal of all kinds of orthodontic adhesives. A universal yet completely unique bur that increases the success rates of any adhesive removal procedure.


• Made of biocompatible highest quality zirconia / glass-fiber reinforced polymer resin.
• Can replace both Tungsten Carbide Burs and Silicone Polisher.
• Zirconia is easy to clean, autoclave and reuse without losing efficiency.
• Minimize the risk of damaging soft tissues and enamel.
• Manufactured on the latest generation of high-precision CNC machines.
• RA connection.
• Designed to deliver the most predictable results.
• Will remove any orthodontic adhesive materials without even scratching the enamel.
• Genuine design of the bur's cutting part.  
• Low contact pressure, reduced heat generation.
• Minimum vibration during rotation.
• Superior "whole-body" strength, virtually indestructible.
• Made completely of a single piece of Zirconia.

DS-ZAR: Zirconia debonding bur
DS-DAR: Disposable finishing bur

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