Various dental products developed by an experienced R&D team, help dental surgeons in everyday dental practice. Unique and special solutions, are built to simplify your workflow and help to achieve new heights, brought to you by DSI.

DSI patented transfer is the pinnacle of engineering. Ab example of how a simple idea can become an indispensable instrument.

A Ti-base, for which you can adjust the angle of the fixation screw up to 25 degrees. Hex platform

Cordless electric prosthetic driver, with torque 20/30Ncm torque selection. Supplied with 1.25 driver bits + universal latch motor mount adapter.

Implants, cover screws, healing caps and temporaries- with one unique motor mount driver An improved holding mechanism to prevent falls.

A tool kit, designed as a visual angle indicator for selecting structures on implants according to the variety of varying angles in non-parallel cases.

Special gauges for multi-units (all-on-x cases). Made of grade-5 titanium. Built-in with 3 most popular angulations -17, 30 and 45 degrees.

The tools that assist the clinician in measuring the exact depth & angle of the osteotomy, during the drilling procedure, before implant placement.

Ultra-coarse diamond burs with morphological design for removing soft tissue in post-extraction sockets without damaging the bone.

This manual tool, shaped as a contra-angle will help you in keeping torque under full control. Pre-set torque levels – 5 Ncm to 35 Ncm in steps of 5 Ncm.

Highly effective anti-bacterial material based on a viscous silicone matrix. It closes micro-gaps at the two-component implant and kills bacteria.

Sil-Flow is light-cured silicone matrix material, for fast and secure abutment screw channel sealing. Easy to handle and to remove in one piece.

First response to peri-implantitis: select the NiTi brush according to the severity state and brush the implant surface to clean and decontaminate.

DSI patented transfer is the pinnacle of engineering. Ab example of how a simple idea can become a new instrument. Conical platform.

Penguin II uses state-of-the-art technology and is engineered to determine osseointegration level with filigree accuracy in seconds

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