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Angulated Guide MUA Clip Pins

The DSI Angulated Guide Clip Pins provide an excellent solution when accurate measurement is needed. From preparing the implant site to taking X-rays, these pins offer professional precision thanks to the same angle matching found in multi-unit abutments. A practical and reliable choice for any dental clinic, it can be used daily with confidence. Their advantage lies in offering a precise position and angle for multi-unit abutment placement. This ensures that each component is exactly where it needs to be. When you need surgical instruments that are precise and dependable, DSI pins are the perfect choice. Offering maximum efficiency, these tools are incredibly useful in a multitude of operations and can be used with numerous types of implants.

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The DSI Angulated Guide Clip Pins provide the perfect way to assess the precise angle of multiple implants. This is an essential procedure for improving precision and providing superior results when fitting dentures. It allows verification of the implant angle before fastening the abutment piece into place.

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The DSI Angulated Guide Clip Pins are specially designed to meet the current standards of dentistry. When multiple implants must be placed, these pins can be used for a more accurate placement of abutments in parallel.

The DSI Angulated Guide Clip Pins come with different angled variations at 17°, 30°, and 45° to copy the exact angles of angulated multi-unit abutments. Manufactured from stainless steel, they are able to withstand reuse as well as an autoclave cleaning procedure.

All the instruments are made of stainles steel and are autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Made of the best quality stainless steel.
• Compatible with most major internal-hex systems, such as Alpha-Bio, A.B, ZIMMER, Adin, Cortex, Implant Direct, MIS, and more Extremely accurate and precise.
• Provides a perfect indication and exceptional accuracy for successful implantation.
• Specifically suitable for the needs of modern dentistry.
• Indicates an exact position and angle.
• Can be used as parallel guides for more accurate drilling.

AKEY17, AKEY30, AKEY45: angulated guide clip pins for implants °17, 30°, 45°

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