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ViruSeal Gel

Peri-implantitis is a very serious issue that can be extremely damaging to the patient. This bacterial infection leads to inflammation of the gum and bone surrounding an implant, potentially resulting in serious consequences. Untreated, it can develop into a chronic problem with loss of bone leading inevitably to the implant becoming loose and then being lost altogether. Unfortunately, those who have dental implants are particularly at risk of developing peri-implantitis inflammation. The reason for this is that the implants cannot attach to the gums as securely as natural teeth do. When the gum tissue around an implant starts to loosen, bacteria can slowly spread and ultimately lead to bone loss.

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DSI ViruSeal is a highly effective anti-bacterial material based on a viscous silicone matrix. It closes micro-gaps at the two-component implant systems and ceases the micromovements making it impenetrable for the bacteria and preventing infection. This is the best solution that can be used in order to prevent peri-implantitis.

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DSI Viruseal is mainly used for screw-retained superstructures because of the gaps and threads that are the most vulnerable target for pathogenic bacteria and cause peri-implantitis disease. And yet, you can use DSI Viruseal for cemented works, as the cement can also be penetrated by bacteria and germs providing access to the interior of the implants. DSI Viruseal is applied very easily, with a few gel drops. Apply a couple of gel drops to the implants immediately after the insertion and close by inserting a cover screw or abutment.

DSI Viruseal can be extremely helpful for preventing peri-implantitis disease and bacterial infection. It can and should be used with any implantation as a prophylactic measure in order to ensure smooth and valid integration of the restoration as well as a predictable resolution over a long period of time.


• Guarantees a secure seal of gaps and hollow spaces of the implants
• Eliminate the risk of the infection
• Raze the possibility of germ accumulation
• Free of antibiotics
• Bacteria resisting formula
• Ideal for screw-retained restorations, and cement works.
• Sterile packaging
• Complete protection from an implant

VSEAL: Viruseal gel in syringe 0.5ml + 5 tips

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