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DSI Universal Driver All-In-One

If you ever wonder how great it would be to use one universal driver, eliminating the need of changing them between implants and parts. t is an uncompromised, genuine, revolutionary product. This driver is exactly what you need in today's dentistry. It enables you to work with implants and prosthetics as one. But that is not the only feature. This driver's unique design has an incredibly strong grip and prevents the implants and prosthetics from accidentally falling during the operation. DSI universal driver comes as a set and it is compatible with ratchets, and motors (latch-type), and can be used manually. This is the ultimate instrument, and it is irreplaceable in dental clinics. Nothing of what is offered on today's market is even comparable to DSI Universal Driver. You can use it on a daily basis and forget about all the other variations of drivers.

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DSI Universal driver will be the best solution in operations that include simultaneous implant/prosthetic manipulation. You do not need to change the driver anymore, you can work with the same driver for both implants, cover screws, and healing caps insertion. It is needless to say that it will gradually reduce the chair time and will benefit both you and your patient at the same time.

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DSI Universal Driver has a latch-type connection and can be used with any surgical contra-angle. It comes with additional adapters such as a ratchet adapter and a manual adapter. The manual adapter is very convenient and comfortable to use and gives you that intuitive tactile feel that is needed sometimes to get the exact torque. The ratchet adapter is hexagonal by default but can be changed to a square one per request. The driver itself and the adapters can be sterilized in an autoclave at 135° C and reused. All the elements are made of the highest quality stainless steel.

Using the DSI Universal Driver will change your daily routine. The driver is handy and easy to work with. It has micro ni-ti springs that give an outstanding grip and firmly hold the parts without the risk of falling. It does not matter how heavy is the prosthetic component, even if it is a two-piece stainless steel transfer the driver will hold it tight and you would be able to move it from place to place with complete confidence.

Have you ever had a bad accident when an implant or a prosthetic part falls into the patient's mouth or on the floor, and you had to autoclave/replace the part and start all over again?
Especially when your patient is under sedation and timing is critical?
And let us not even discuss the possibility when the implant that just fell on the floor is the last one from this size and now you do not have an alternative for it. So your only choice would be to abort the operation and send the patient home.
It is above frustration, it damages your practice and can lead to very unpleasant consequences.
This unpleasant scenario could be easily avoided by using the right instrument. It's in front of you : DSI All-In-One Universal Driver is the right instrument for your needs.

The driver can be used with any contra-angle and have a 1.25mm and 2.42mm hexagon connection type for prosthetics and implants.


• Enables to work with implants and prosthetics as one.
• Comes as a set and is compatible with ratchets, and motors (latch-type), and can be used manually.
• Made of the highest quality stainless steel.
• Standard autoclave stirilication is applied.
• Features an incredible grip and holds the prosthetic/implant tight.
• Has micro ni-ti springs that give an outstanding grip
• Gradually reduces the chair time.
• No need to constantly change the drivers.
• Very comfortable and convenient to use.

UN-RDK: universal driver kit that includes the universal driver, ratchet adapter (hexagonal by default but can be changed for a square per request) and a manual adapter.
MM-UNR: Universal Driver - Standard Length 31mm
MM-UNS: Universal Driver - Short Version 25mm- perfect for limited spaces

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