who we are

Welcome to DSI - one of the leading dental companies in Israel. From a product concept to the final packaging, DSI controls 100% of the processes involved in the production of our solutions. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our products, trusted by customers in Israel and more than 60 countries worldwide.

DSI Implants received FDA approval in 2020 and European Communities certifications in 2021.DSI takes pride in the extensive knowledge and training of its staff. Our dedicated Client service personnel have years of experience in the dental field and use this expertise to assist dental professionals in using DSI products to provide patients with the ultimate dental care.

our mission

Continuous improvement of dentistry through education and sustainable solutions based on the real-world challenges of dental professionals.
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  • Finding and solving problems as a way of life
  • Advanced technological development, created in service to the community
  • High medical standards manufacturing facilities
  • 15,000sq ft of storage space for the efficient supply chains
  • Wide range of solutions for any given treatment type
  • Time-tested products and breakthrough innovations in one portfolio
  • Focus on beneficial partnership conditions for distributors
  • Commitment and loyalty to every customer needs 
  • 24/6 Multi-channel customer support
  • OEM/OBL and On-demand production services