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In the DSI product catalogs, you'll find the comprehensive range of dental solutions in different areas: Implants & Prosthetics, Biomaterials, Restorative & Surgical Supplies, Endodontics, Dental Burs, Surgical Instruments and Kits and more.

Product Catalog 2024
320 pages of both a time-proven and innovative dental solutions, the products you can trust
Catalog for U.S. Market customers
Non-implant products, built on the highest demand DSI products in USA territory. Items are FDA-cleared. For the implants see specialized catalog.
DSI Implants Catalogue
DSI Implants - one-piece, two-stage, ortho miniscrews, prosthetics and essential implantation instruments
DSI Implants Catalogue USA Edition
DSI Implants, prosthetics and essential implantation instruments
DSI Implants International Catalogue
DSI Implants, prosthetics and essential implantation instruments
DSI Slim Narrow Implants Catalogue
DSI 3.0 Narrow Implants, prosthetics and essential instruments
DSI Conical Platform Implants Catalogue
DSI Conical Implants, prosthetics and essential implantation instruments
Biomaterials Catalogue
Regenerative Solutions - Bone Graft, Barrier Membranes, Post-extraction Sponges and other dental biomaterials.
Surgical & Restorative
Products for everyday use in a clinic: sutures, cements, crown & bridge, fillers, impression materials.
Endodontic Supplies
Whether you are a specialist endodontist or a general dentist DSI offers you the right solution for each step.
GBR and Mini screws
Our mini- and micro-screws are made from the same grade 5 medical titanium, robust and biocompatible.
Surgical Burs and Instruments
Rotary instruments used for precise cutting, polishing and grinding. Turbines, contra-angles, handpieces.
Diamond Burs
A high-quality dental diamond burs come in different sizes and grits to meet the needs of every user.
Surgical Kits
Extensive range of surgical tools and kits that answer clinicians’ needs for multiple clinical scenarios.

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