DSI ortho solutions

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) with accessories, Vacuum-formed retainers or metal dead-soft splints, adhesive removal and IPR burs...
We understand the needs of orthodontic professionals and produce only top-notch solutions.

Available in different sizes and head designs. Supplied in the individual multi-layered sterile blister.

Instruments for orthodontic miniscrew skeletal anchorage devices. Tools Kits and individual instruments refill packages are available.

High-quality thermoplastic plates made with dental use in mind. Easy to prepare, flex and trim. An ideal choice for retainers.

Lingual Retainer Braided Wire for maxillary or mandibular bonded orthodontic splints. Dead-soft, thin and easily adapted. Will not fray when cut.

An efficient alternative to Tungsten Carbide. The whole bur is made of one solid piece of yttrium-stabilized nano-structure zirconia.

Multi-fluted form TC burs, ideal for debonding and removal of any orthodontic adhesive resins and abrasives without scratch or damage to enamel.

Inspired by the need for a faster and safer IPR, DSI developed IPR burs, a novel diamond ultra-thin burs of 0.45 and 0.35 millimeters.

DSI Proxistrip and DSI Proxicut come with different types of abrasive corrugated surface strips for cleaning the interdental space and teeth polishing.

Accessories for TAD miniscrews. Suitable for different applications in orthodontics and dental implantology.

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