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DSI TAD Miniscrew

The DSI TAD Miniscrew is a viable solution for straightening teeth without resorting to surgical methods. It does not require any drilling, it is minimally invasive, and can be inserted with minimal trauma or disturbance. It is a perfect solution for severe or even critical cases when the traditional methods are obsolete. Installing the DSI TAD Miniscrew is easy and straightforward, it saves a lot of time without causing additional trauma to your patient. When installed, the DSI Miniscrew is in constant and direct contact with the bone and does not possess a periodontal ligament. As a result, it does not move when orthodontic/orthopedic force is applied, and therefore can be used as "absolute anchorage".

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DSI Miniscrew provides a solution for patients whose teeth have become misaligned. By serving as an anchorage, it effectively corrects the issue and returns the teeth to their natural position. Full control is achieved by moving the teeth without any damage, or undesirable movement.

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DSI Miniscrew significantly enhances treatment capabilities and can be extremely effective in reducing treatment time, surgeries, and extractions. Also because the DSI Miniscrews are small, they serve as bone anchors which can be used for direct forces in tight spaces. DSI Miniscrews provides efficient and flexible biomechanics, easy insertion, versatility, and simple removal when the treatment is done. Every DSI Miniscrew is coming in an individual sterile double tube package and is ready to use right away.

DSI offers a selection of different Miniscrews such as:

Bracket Head - The Bracket Head design presents the advantage of three-dimensional control that allows the screw to be consolidated with a tooth to serve as indirect anchorage. The thread of only Ø1.5mm enables placement in narrow inter-radicular spaces without sacrificing strength.

Buccal Shelf - The Buccal Shelf screws offer better anchorage for increased efficiency of the treatment. They are very helpful when it comes to closing spaces, repairing an open bite, and other applications.

Zygomatic - The Zygomatic Screws are made to overcome the obstacle of soft tissue irritation. The body surface of the screw is half thread, half smooth. This exceptional design minimizes the trauma, inflammation, and discomfort of the patient. Placing DSI Zygomatic Screws in the retromolar area of the lower jaw or alveolar crest formation creates skeletal anchorage that achieves a predictibly effective results. Placing Zygomatic Screws in the mandibular shelf is a reliable form of extra-alveolar support for retracing the entire lower arch to conservatively correct Class III malocclusions without tooth extraction or orthognathic surgery.

DSI TAD miniscrews are best to work with DSI miniscrew toolkit and DSI TAD accessories:
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• Self-tapping for simple insertion without using any drills.
• Made of Titanium – a fully biocompatible material.
• Unique dimensions allow easy insertion in various locations.
• Simple and convenient anchorage.
• Has a hexagonal head for safe insertion.
• Sterile double pack.
• Excellent results.
• Insertion and removal are easy and minimally invasive.
• Minimized number of oral surgeries required.
• Strict quality control during the manufacturing process.
• Cases can be treated without surgery.
• Designed to preserve teeth and avoid extractions.
• Eliminates patient compliance issues.
• Reduced treatment time.

DMS10101, DMS10102: mini screw Ø1.5mm, TM 1.0mm, blade length 6, 8mm
DMS10201, DMS10202, DMS10203, DMS10204, DMS10205: mini screw Ø1.5mm, TM 2.0mm, blade length 6, 8, 10, 12, 14mm
DMS10203, DMS10204: mini screw Ø2.0mm, TM 2.0mm, blade length 10, 12mm
DMS2014, DMS2016: buccal shelf screw Ø2.0mm TM 4.0mm blade length 10, 12mm
DMS1017: zygomatic screw: Ø2.0mm TM 8.0mm blade length 9mm
DMS10241, DMS10242: bracket head screw Ø1.5mm TM 1.0mm length 6, 8mm

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