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DSI Retainer Wire

After the orthodontic teeth alignment treatment has been completed, and the brackets have been taken off, it is necessary to do one final thing in order to keep your patient's new smile in for a long time. This last step requires fixing a splint retainer wire with flowable composite. Following orthodontic treatment, the DSI Flat Lingual Retainer Wire is the best solution for maintaining and securing teeth in their desired position. This wire will not fray when cut and can be adhered to maxillary or mandibular areas with various adhesives including DSI S7 and DSI Unilite Flow. It will provide lasting stability to ensure the patient's teeth do not return to their original positions over time.

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Maintaining the teeth in their new, corrected positions is an essential part of any successful orthodontic treatment. DSI Flat Lingual Retainer Wire has been found to be the most suitable for this purpose due to its impressive biocompatibility and durability. It also provides optimal comfort levels for patients while carrying out the retentive phase of treatment.

Product Details

DSI Flat Lingual Retainer Wire features a very thin rectangular shape that can be adapted with no occlusal interference while ensuring patient comfort. It prevents accidental tooth movement associated with active force wires. It can be used right away in the dentist's office. There is no need for additional laboratory adjustments or precautions.

DSI Flat Lingual Retainer Wire gives you full control over it. It is perfect for the last phase of the orthodontic treatment. DSI Flat Lingual Retainer Wire will deliver the best results when used with DSI S7 bonding and DSI Unilite Flow composite.

Additional accessories:
DSI bonding
DSI etching
DSI flowable composite


• Accurate placement and consistent shape to ensure superior results.
• Medical grade superior quality stainless steel wire
• A bright, smooth, flat surface
• Stress relieved for superior tensile strength with less brittleness
• Secure and stable long-term passive retention
• Perfect lingual anatomy adjustment
• No need for models or impressions in the lab
• The low profile offers patient comfort

N100910: Rerainer wire .10x.028 60" Spool 1.5m

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