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UniEtch Gel

One of the greatest struggles for you as a dental professional is to effect a secure bond of materials within an oral environment. This is due to the difficulty presented with a wet oral atmosphere that fluctuates between varying temperatures. Consequently, using a proper etching is fundamental for any successful dental bonding endeavor. Without it, working within such an environment can be impossible. DSI UniEtch is a cutting-edge gel specifically formulated for etching purposes. It consists of 37% phosphoric acid and can be used for enamel etching as well as dentin conditioning with sealants and composite restorations. Moreover, it serves as an adhesive luting agent in conjunction with indirect all-ceramic or composite restorations.

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DSI UniEtch etching gel stands out because of the use of nanosized particles. You will appreciate the superior consistency that makes it easy to apply with precision and washes away clean without any residual phosphoric acid. This will give you the confidence you need in order to perform your work effectively and efficiently.

Product Details

DSI UniEtch guarantees a reliable and secure installation. Its ideal viscosity ensures that the placement is both accurate and easily identifiable. The thin, flexible application tip delivers accuracy for seamless integration.

DSI UniEtch Gel is used for:

• Etching of enamel surface or dentine before the preparation of a composite or bonded amalgam filling.
• Before the preparation of a composite or fused amalgam filling.
• Before the preparation of a sandwich composite filling with a glass ionomer cement.
• Before the adhesive fixation of an aesthetic facet (veneer) either ceramic or composite.
• Before the fixation of associate inlay or onlay, the root pin a crown or bridge with composite cement.
• Cementation of mounted prosthetics, adhesive splints in orthodontics, fixation of orthodontic brackets.


• Ideal viscosity that makes it easy to apply with precision
• Syringe-tip delivery for easy and convenient application
• 37% phosphoric acid to give the best dentin etching results
• 2% benzalkonium chloride makes etchant antimicrobial
• Provides controlled depth of dental etch
• Does not dry out and retains its consistency
• Predictable dental etching
• No fillers or additives


DS-ETCH1: DSI UniEtch Gel 1 Syringe 5.8g
DSI UniEtch Gel 2 Syringes 5.8g each
DSI UniEtch Gel 4 Syringes 5.8g each
DSI UniEtch Gel 1 Syringe 12g

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