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Diamond Paste

Polishing amalgam, gold, metal, and composite to a high luster or glossy finish is easily achievable with the use of DSI Diamond Polishing Paste. The paste works to buff the surface until the desired enamel-like sheen is reached. This diamond polish paste can be applied to the surface with either a rubber cup, stiff bristle, or felt wheel. Maintaining dental restorations, crowns, and bridges is essential in order to achieve a lustrous appearance as well as ensure maximum durability. Not only will this result in an aesthetically pleasing effect, but it also ensures that they last longer. DSI Dental Diamond Polishing Paste is uniquely designed, with smooth, splatter-resistant consistency. Ideal for the treatment of broad composite surfaces.

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Affordable and reliable, DSI Diamond Polishing Paste offers an outstanding solution for the laboratory or clinic environment. This paste is designed to provide remarkable performance. DSI Diamond Polishing Paste delivers a powerful combination of quality results and an excellent price-quality ratio.

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Dental restorations are exposed to a variety of factors in the oral environment, including temperature fluctuations and microorganisms, that can cause damage. To reduce the risk of deterioration, DSI Diamond Polish Paste can help remove stains and plaque which cannot be acquired by brushing alone. DSI Diamond Polishing Paste offers a minty flavor that is very pleasant for your patient. With diamond particles in two different grits - coarse and fine - it can remove even stubborn stains more effectively than regular toothpaste. Coarse grit is ideal for tougher marks, while fine smooths teeth to perfection. It is important to note that even on a “fine” setting, this paste is still much rougher than regular toothpaste which makes it more effective in removing stains and smoothing the teeth' surface.

Made with Applied Quartz Technology, DSI Diamond polishing paste is an efficient method of polishing teeth. This compound can be used in a single or two-step process, helping to remove plaque and bacteria from the surface of teeth that cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. After application, patients experience a smooth finish that leads to newfound confidence in their smiles. Not only will they feel more comfortable, but they will also have an aesthetically pleasing, attractive, healthy smile that gleams with brightness.


• Final polishing and high gloss shining for all those surfaces of esthetic/composite dental materials.
• Can be engaged on enamel, porcelain, and all sorts of other esthetic restorative materials.
• Used with a nylon brush or prophy cup.
• Polishing Paste is made with Applied Diamond Technology and is a universal polishing paste.
• Extremely loaded with extra-fine diamond abrasive particles, averaging 3 microns. It limits the micro-roughness on the surface without abraiding the enamel or dentin.
• Very small particle size offers an ultra-smooth surface with respectable polish.
• Limits the adherence of plaque and bacteria and the subsequent development of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

DIA-PASTE-C : DSI Diamond Paste Coarse Syringe of 4g
DSI Diamond Paste Fine Syringe of 4g

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