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RFX SA Cement

The DSI RFX SA dual-cure self-adhesive resin cement is an ideal choice for those seeking to make the cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and posts faster and more efficient. This advanced resin technology offers a simple automix single syringe delivery system with some of the strongest retention available from a self-adhesive cement. As soon as it is applied to dentin, enamel, or restoration sites it starts working - replacing individual etching, priming, and bonding steps - which results in quicker procedure times without any postoperative sensitivity issues that can come about with other types of cement. By using DSI RFX SA Cement patients benefit from greater peace of mind and dental practitioners enjoy greater freed-up chair time.

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With the DSI RFX SA from DSI, you can now enjoy cement that is optimally designed for convenience and reliability. This luting cement has been crafted with your needs in mind, offering excellent moisture resilience as well as self-adhesiveness. In addition, it boasts dual-cure options and offers a trouble-free cleanup process. Simply put, there is no easier way to achieve lasting results.

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In order to secure indirect restorations firmly, dentists need a product that not only offers adhesive strength but is also uncomplicated and user-friendly. Investing time and effort in producing a restoration that can enhance the patient's smile and confidence should never be undermined with inadequate adhesive materials. Do not ever settle for anything other than a top-grade product, as it will ensure the restoration becomes firmly secured in place and will provide perfect aesthetics.

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming cementation procedures, as the revolutionary DSI RFX SA Self-Adhesive Resin Cement is designed with convenience in mind. Forget about etching, priming, bonding, hand mixing, or triturating capsules. This advanced resin technology has a low expansion rate and is compatible with multiple substrates such as composite, semi-precious metals, precious metals, and cementable ceramics - making it the perfect choice for placing indirect restorations with the confidence of reliable bond strength.


• Cementation of composite, cementable all-ceramic, PFM, and alloy crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays.
• Cementation of a fiber-reinforced composite post.
• Cementation of titanium, titanium alloy, stainless steel, and zirconia posts.


• Extremely compatible, with elevated flexural and compressive strength for Zirconia, PFM, and metal crowns.
• Quick and easy cleaning and removing of the excess cement material with one clean scrub.
• With exceptional bond strength, it is one of the most retentive self-adhesive auto-mix cement available.
• Dual-cure system for maximum versatility.
• Convenient and ready to use automix syringe delivery system
• Direct and accurate one-step placement with minimal material waste
• No trituration required
• Reduced post-operative sensitivity
• Low film thickness is made especially for a filigree precision fit.
• Outstanding color stability with no risk of staining
• Radiopaque cement for easier visualization and transparency

RFXSA-UN : DSI RFX SA self-adhesive dual cure permanent cement 10g, universal shade + mixing, oral tips
DSI RFX SA self-adhesive dual cure permanent cement 10g, clear shade + mixing, oral tips

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