Universal nanofilled restorative composite that offers superior esthetics, handling, outstanding strength and low shrinkage.

Packable Glass-ionomer restorative in capsules. High fluoride release, exceptional strength, wear-resistance and packable consistency.

A Dual-cure eugenol-free cement, designed specifically for a long-term fixation of all types of crowns & bridges on implant abutments.

Easier cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and posts faster by eliminating individual etching, priming, bonding, and mixing steps.

Tube-tube zinc-based temporary cement with eugenol or eugenol-free, which has excellent properties and guarantees a high level of comfort.

Provisionals cemented with UniTemp simply won’t come off until you need them to. Upon removal, the temporary comes off easily, with minimal clean up.

Zinc Oxide/Eugenol Temporary Cement for cementation of provisional restoration. Anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic effect,

Incorporates a reinforcing polymer included in the Zinc Oxide Eugenol powder. This provides the cement with the strength to battle condensation.

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