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Glass-FX Bio

DSI Glass Fx Bio is a radiopaque, glass ionomer cement reinforced with calcium hydroxyapatite. Glass Fx Bio gives optimal results, has exceptional strength and durability, and provides extraordinary compressive strength. Glass Fx Bio provides ultimate performance and reliability. With extraordinary compressive strength, this specialized cement has the capability to chemically bond with both enamel and dentin, along with metal surfaces. Not only does it show excellent tooth adhesion properties but also provides sustained fluoride release and mineralizing potential over a long period of time.

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DSI Glass Fx Bio material offers a variety of benefits for patients. Prolonged fluoride-release action strengthens dentin, achieving the bactericidal effect, and the hydroxyapatite provides a positive environment and indirectly decreases caries susceptibility.

Product Details

DSI Glass Fx Bio is an adhesive cement specifically formulated to adhere strongly to tooth substances and non-precious alloys without requiring etching or priming. This product is incredibly versatile and can be used in a great number of dental procedures, such as primary teeth restoration, core build-up, cavity liner applications, intermediate restorative uses, as well as bases for class I and II restorations. Additionally, Glass Fx Bio has anti-cariogenic properties and releases fluoride to help protect teeth from decay.

Can be used for:

• Core build-up
• Restoration of primary teeth
• As a base material, or a cavity liner
• Class I, and limited class II temporary fillings
• Long-term temporary replacement of cusps
• Intermediate restoratives and base material for class I and class II
• For cavities using the sandwich technique
• Class V restorations in non-aesthetic situations
• Temporary endodontic fillings

Technical characteristics:

• Setting time 1:30-2:00 minutes
• Compressive strength >140MPa


• Extraordinary compressive strength
• High fluoride release
• Radiopaque
• Low solubility
• Very low film thickness
• Fast and easy to apply
• Lifelong cementations
• Easy to mix - less chair-time
• Reinforced with calcium hydroxyapatite
• Bactericidal effect
• Anti-cariogenic properties and releases fluoride to help protect teeth from decay

GFX-BIO : DSI Glass-FX BIO Kit includes 15g powder + 10 ml liquid

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