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Unilite Temp

DSI UniLite Temp is a light-cured semi-gel temporary filling material. It is designed for the isolation of the prepared dental cavities before prosthetic installations or during endodontic treatment. It has a high penetration capacity and sealing ability. It is light cured and can be used as a blockage, temporary fixation for crowns, temporary sealing, and more. DSI UniLite Temp provides outstanding results in protecting the chosen area from extreme oral moisture conditions. DSI UniLite Temp is delivered in a syringe to save time and facilitate treatment. It is very easy to apply directly to dental cavities using a disposable tip. DSI Unilite Temp is a low-viscosity material that has great sealing abilities and can be removed as easily.

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DSI Unilite Temp has the right properties that make it an excellent choice for durable, reliable restorations. It is a filling material with high penetration capacity and perfect sealing abilities Its elasticity and low shrinkage during polymerization are advantageous features, while its non-stick nature allows it to be easily removed when necessary.

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DSI Unilite Temp is a convenient and easy-to-use product that comes in a syringe to save time and allow a more convenient and easy approach. This light-curable material can be used as a sealing, a temporary adhesive for crowns, a temporary filling, and more.

DSI Unilite Temp has little to no deviation during the prolonged-time period, and it is a viscous solution that is easy to apply. It has no complications during the removal and extraordinary sealing ability of the cavity until removal.


• Low viscosity formula for high sealing ability.
• Sufficient strength with tight marginal seals ensuring secure temporary restorations.
• Good plasticity after curing allows easy removal.
• Great elasticity to withstand the masticatory forces applied.
• Secure temporary installations.
• Little to no deviation during the prolonged-time period.

UL-TMP: DSI Unilite Temp 2g syringe x 5
UL-TMP1: DSI Unilite Temp 2g syringe

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