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DSI Glass-Fx Micro Caps

DSI Glass-Fx Micro is a glass ionomer cement in capsules that make restorations easy, convenient, and less time-consuming. It is delivered as a capsulated, prefilled, radiopaque glass Ionomer cement and can be applied as a restorative material for primary teeth, and the restoration of class III, V, and class I Cavities. Capsulated types of cement such as DSI Glass-Fx Micro are much more preferable than the counterpart hand-mixed formulations. Because the capsulated cement gives higher probabilities of success and survival of the restoration. DSI Glass-Fx Micro is self-cured and can be easily used for cementing all restorations and orthodontic appliances. DSI Glass-Fx Micro adheres chemically to the tooth and gives maximum retention and strength to the final restoration.

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DSI Glass-Fx Micro is a perfect solution for long-term stable and predictable restorations. It is not only strong but it also prevents the tooth from decay thanks to the high fluoride release. By using this glass ionomer material the restorations will be more predictable and adequate. DSI Glass-Fx Micro has high flexural strength and can withstand masticatory forces.

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DSI Glass-Fx Micro provides excellent biocompatibility and outstanding strength for long-lasting restorations. It is very easy to mix and thanks to the special formula and manufacturing technology it delivers exceptional aesthetics and polishability. DSI Glass-Fx Micro is a radiopaque, abrasion-resistant, and self-adhesive material. It is the best option for restoration in wet oral environments and creates a strong, acid-resistant fused layer. It bonds to the tooth with no etching or bonding being applied first.

DSI Glass-Fx Micro has a working time of 1:30 minutes and a setting time of 2:00 - 2:30 minutes. It can be used for the cementation of metal, metal-porcelain, inlays, onlays, and crowns. Cementation of stainless steel crowns and base liner for composite or amalgam cement. Intermediate restorations and intermediate endodontic sealing. Surface and fissure protection and root surface protection. DSI Glass-Fx Micro is a universal, strong, and reliable material for everyday use with completely predictable results, and great aesthetics.


• No isolation or bonding agent required
• Works in a moist oral environment
• Self-bonding
• High fluoride-releasing
• Acid-resistant fused layer
• Delivered in capsules
• Prefilled, radiopaque glass Ionomer cement
• Easily used for cementing all restorations and orthodontic appliances
• Chemically adheres to the tooth
• Gives maximum retention and strength
• Delivers exceptional aesthetics and polishability
• Can withstand masticatory forces
• Universal, strong, and reliable material

GFX-MICAPS: 10 single shade capsules. shades A1-A2-A3

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