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UniLite Nano Kit

DSI UniLite Nano Hybrid Composite is a light-cured, radiopaque highly filled fine composite restorative material for anterior and posterior restorations of all teeth. It has excellent polishing and sculpting properties and optimal mechanical properties. DSI UniLite Nano Hybrid Composite will provide you with an excellent way to construct and build incredible aesthetically pleasing restorations with guaranteed long-term durability. The material has outstanding resistance to compression making it able to bear significant amounts of force on both the occlusal and incisal surfaces. Additionally, it is ideal for creating structurally sound aesthetic restorations in the long run, with maximum wear resistance and fracture strength.

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DSI UniLite Nano Hybrid Composite is indicated for direct filling of class I, II, Ill, IV, and V Cavities in anterior and posterior teeth. Preventive resin restoration and repair of composite/ceramic veneers. The nano-hybrid particles allow it to achieve exceptional aesthetics and strength.

Product Details

DSI Unilite Nano is designed to provide ease of use and longevity for your use. The combination of its firmer viscosity, soft handling, and sculptable nature make it an ideal choice when placing restorations. Its shine is immediate and polishability remarkable, offering a smooth finish that stands up over time. Furthermore, DSI Unilite Nano is radiopaque for simple detection on X-rays. Its convenient delivery makes it easy to handle; the composite comes in a prefilled syringe. With highly desirable physical properties along with unmatched wear resistance, this product ensures gorgeous long-lasting results every time.

DSI Unilite Nano provides an outstanding solution for a durable and long-lasting restoration. The nanoparticles help not only preserve the smoothness and shine of a surface but also ensure increased longevity of the restoration. This product allows for easy upkeep without compromising surface smoothness and polishability. Therefore, it is an effective way to ensure that restorations last longer with minimal effort required over time. The DSI UniLite Nano Hybrid Composite distinguishes itself by its superior radiopacity level when compared to dentine. This means that restoration margins can be identified on x-rays for rapid, sure diagnosis. The creamy texture and firm packing of the material make possible efficient layering without voids. Its non-stick handling ensures easy placement of restorations, and the composition gives users confidence that the composite will not slump or pull back during usage.

DSI Unilite Nano Kit also includes DSI S5 Bonding and DSI UniEtch Gel:

DSI S5 Bonding is an innovative single component 5th generation adhesive system suitable for bonding indirect restorations. It is designed specifically for use in adhesive restorations and combines the best features of a primer and resin into one container. DSI S5 Bonding comes in a new genuine dropper bottle for convenience of use. Before applying DSI S5 Bonding, the enamel should first be treated with DSI UniEtch gel 37%.

DSI UniEtch Gel 37% ensures a precise etching process, which does not involve drying the tooth surface. The gel creates micro retentive surfaces, allowing effective bonding to take place. Thanks to its ideal viscosity and texture, the application of the product is simpler and more accurate.

DSI UniLite Nano kit can be used for: 

• Anterior and posterior restorations
• Tooth discolorations
• Anatomical deformities
• Diastema
• Erosion
• Attrition
• Crown Facings
• Lifting the vertical dimension (CMD)
• Direct and indirect restorations

Technical characteristics:

• Compressive Strength 300MPa
• Flexural Strength 150Mpa
• The filler loading is 82% by weight (68% by volume)

The kit includes:

7x UniLite nanohybrid composite syringes in shades of A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2,Bleach 4g each syringe
1x S5 bonding dropper bottle 5ml
1x UniEtch etching gel in syringe 2ml
10x micro brushes
10x applicator tips


• Optimal mechanical properties.
• Superior tensile strength and low polymerization shrinkage.
• Excellent aesthetics.
• Radiopaque.
• Manageable working time due to the light-curing technology.
• Easy to control during placement.
• Adapts well to cavity preparations.
• Does not stick to the placement instruments.
• Can be contoured to the desired shape before curing.
• Highly rated for blending with tooth structure, radiopacity, and ease of finishing.
• Can be finished and polished to a high luster.
• Combines strength and aesthetics for both anterior and posterior restorations.
• Reliable handling.
• Very practical and cost-effective.
• Outstanding physical properties and unmatchable wear resistance.

ULN-S: Unilite Nano Kit

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