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ApexPaste Hard

DSI ApexPaste Hard is used as a cavity liner and pulp capping material under dental fillings. It is based on calcium hydroxide and tricalcium phosphate and it is a hard-setting material. This is a self-curing lining material designed for use as a direct and indirect pulp capping agent and a protective liner under dental filling materials, cement, and other materials. It does not affect the polymerization of the composite filling materials. It provides the potential for improved esthetics and clinically proven performance with quick set times and excellent handling characteristics and allows for more natural-looking esthetic restorations.

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DSI Apex Paste Hard works as a base liner under composites, amalgams, cement, and other base materials. It is a self-set rigid dental cement based on calcium hydroxide. It is indicated for both direct and indirect pulp capping. It forms a protective base under cement, restorative materials, and other base materials, stimulating the formation of secondary dentin.

Product Details

DSI Apex Paste Hard has a radiopaque calcium hydroxide composition that protects the pulp and promotes the formation of secondary dentin to ensure confidence in performance. It saves time and is strong at critical times of condensation, it is less vulnerable to oral fluids for excellent long-term results.

DSI Apex Paste Hard is easy to mix and easy to place with the ability to flow where needed while staying in place when needed.

The material can be used for:

• Direct and indirect pulp capping
• Protective liner under composites, amalgams, cement, and other base materials


• Radiopaque
• Calcium Hydroxide Composition
• Protects the pulp
• Saves time
• Low solubility in oral fluids
• Helps formation of secondary dentine
• Easy to place
• High compressive strength
• Easy to place

APEX-H: 12g base + 12g catalyst in tubes + accessories

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