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Zoer Cement

DSI Zoer is a reinforced zinc oxide cement with multiple applications. It has the advantage of extreme strength but can be effortlessly taken out once its purpose has been served. No difficulties arise during removal. This zinc oxide cement can be used in temporary fillings, emergency treatments, and even when restoring deciduous teeth. Unique in its composition, DSI Zoer cement stands apart from other types thanks to the addition of a reinforced polymer that is blended into the powder rather than the liquid. This combination creates exceptional properties which make it stronger, more resilient, and suitable for an array of applications. As such, DSI Zoer makes an excellent choice for many applications.

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Though DSI Zoer cement is reinforced, it could be easily removed when utilized in a temporary restoration. This makes it a first-choice material in a wide range of procedures- from temporary pulp lining to the final implant abutment crown fixation. DSI Zoer cement has a non-irritating procedure that suits dental restoration resolutions in wide-ranging varieties.

Product Details

DSI Zoer is a zinc oxide eugenol-based filling material that is suited for use as a temporary restorative due to its ability to bear up against significant condensation forces. Also, this compound can be used as a base or lining under other restorative materials such as amalgam and silicate/silicophosphate, but also glass ionomer.

In comparison to other dental materials, DSI Zoer Zinc oxide-eugenol cement is significantly better tolerated by tissue due to its pain-relieving properties and bacteriostatic and antiseptic abilities. Furthermore, this cement has superior insulation and superior sealing potential when compared with that traditional Zinc phosphate cement.

It can be used as:

• Momentary filling material.
• Transitional restorative material.
• Base/lining is under restorative materials such as amalgam, silicate, phosphate, and glass ionomer.
• For closing the coronal percentage of teeth undertaking endodontic treatment.
• The recommended solution to use with cement-retained implant restorations.


• A reinforcing polymer component is present in the powder
• Excellent mixing properties
• Perfect solution for temporary restoration
• Radiopaque
• Remarkable abrasion resistance with excellent sealing properties.
• Outstanding adhesion and still allows easy removal.
• Features high compressive strength

DS-ZOE : DSI Zoer Cement 38g Powder + 12ml Liquid

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