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UniLite Crown

DSI Unilite Crown is the perfect choice for dental professionals who are seeking a quick way to create beautiful, long-lasting provisional restorations. The distinctive features of this product allow for both light and self-cure options, providing extraordinary flexibility and convenience during use. It offers an outstanding resemblance to natural dentition, making it one of the finest restorative materials available with remarkable accuracy. DSI Unilite Crown provides unparalleled physical performance and reliability even with multi-unit restorations. DSI Unilite Crown dual-cure formula enables you to light cure both intraorally and extra orally for easy processing of temporary restorations.

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DSI UniLite Crown is a dual-cure, temporary C&B material with a 1:1 ratio made for simple application with a standard 50ml gun. It is perfect for the fabrication of inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges. Not only does it allow for easy handling and polishing, but also offers natural translucency for lifelike restorations along with exceptional fracture resistance.

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The DSI Unilite Crown is the perfect choice for long-term provisional crowns and bridges, offering unparalleled strength, flexibility, and break resistance. With this material, your patients can receive excellent quality temporary prosthetics without any worry or concern. Its remarkable properties make it a dependable solution that is more stable than conventional alternatives. The DSI Unilite Crown is a very reliable and resilient product that produces excellent aesthetic results. Its colors will not fade over time, so it will maintain its appearance throughout the treatment.

For those seeking an efficient and cost-effective way to manufacture long-lasting crowns, DSI Unilite Crown is a great solution. DSI Unilite Crown makes it possible for dentists to create durable, aesthetically-pleasing crowns directly chairside. This economical alternative to lab-processed crowns reduces costs and does not compromise results. With this remarkable product, you can deliver a reliable alternative to lab-processed crowns for an improved aesthetic at a lower cost for your patients. DSI Unilite Crown is an excellent alternative to expensive lab-processed crowns, offering reliable longevity and natural beauty.


• Outstanding physical properties ensure durable provisional restorations
• Minimal odor, shrinkage, and heat generation, with great resistance to bending
• The composite formulation is easily repaired or touched up with flowable composite
• Convenient 1:1 mixing ratio for dispensing with standard 50ml gun
• Ideal working and setting times whether light-cured or self-cured
• Superior aesthetics, long-term restorations
• Extremely high polishability and long-lasting durability

UL-CROWNC-A1: DSI UniLite Crown Shade A1 Cartridge 80g
DSI UniLite Crown Shade A2 Cartridge 80g
DSI UniLite Crown Shade A3 Cartridge 80g

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