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T-Bond Cement

DSI T-BOND is the perfect solution designed to provide a secure and reliable bond. DSI T-BOND cement is used specifically for the cementation of provisional restorations such as crowns and bridges, as well as for temporarily cementing permanent restorations. It provides superior bond strength and withstands masticatory forces. DSI T-BOND has the outstanding sealing ability for temporary restoration to prevent leakage and sensitivity to cold and heat. It has great bond strength and can be easily removed when needed. Additionally, its unique formulation allows for easy mixing and flowing properties. DSI T-BOND's excellent flowability and high viscosity make it simple to mix and apply.

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DSI T-Bond and T-BOND NE both are temporary types of cement for temporary crowns and bridges. The non-eugenol version is indicated for patients allergic to eugenol, and It will not inhibit the set of permanent resin cement or soften temporary acrylic restorations. T-Bond has an excellent flow to ensure ease of use and proper seating.

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DSI T-BOND is the perfect material for reliable and effective temporary cementing of dental restorations and crowns and bridges. This particular cement is able to withstand masticatory forces, it creates a secure seal for the restoration, prevents leakage, and still allows easy removal when required. With two tube delivery system of 85g base and 25g catalyst - 110g in total, It has the best cost-value ratio on the market.

It guarantees excellent mechanical retention and it will not inhibit permanent resin cement or acrylic temporaries from polymerizing properly. Not only does it provide a level of security and flexibility, but also facilitates an aesthetically pleasing outcome that can be easily achieved with its straightforward handling process.

Can be used for:

• Cementation of temporary restorations
• Temporary luting of permanent restorations
• Trial cementation of permanent restorations


• Flows and mixes easily deliver optimal consistency for solid, complete seating of restorations.
• High bond strength.
• Prevents leakage and sensitivity to cold and heat.
• Easy removal when needed.
• Minimizes the potential for damage to the preparation or temporary restoration.
• Suitable packaging of two soft plastic tubes with thin nozzle offer flexibility and comfort of application.
• Exceptional handling, ease of use, great flowability
• Eugenol version reduces the sensitivity of vital teeth after preparation.

T-BOND: DSI T-Bond temporary cement with eugenol 85g base and 25g catalyst in tubes
DSI T-Bond temporary cement non-eugenol 85g base and 25g catalyst in tubes

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