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Glass-FX Cement

DSI Glass-FX is a glass-ionomer cement, that offers a variety of benefits for your patients. The composition adheres chemically to tooth substances and non-precious alloys without etching or priming. DSI Glass-FX material offers unparalleled performance. It easily blends with other materials for optimal results, has exceptional strength and durability, is radiopaque, and provides extraordinary compressive strength. DSI Glass-FX also releases fluoride to help protect teeth from decay, and the added benefit of enabling physical and chemical bonding to the tooth structure ensures a secure fit. DSI Glass-FX provides maximum secure retention. Rapidly increasing PH during setting produces excellent biocompatibility.

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DSI Glass-FX is used for the final cementation cementing crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. Also suitable for fixing orthodontic brackets and bands. The cement chemically bonds to enamel, dentin, and metal. Prolonged fluorine-emission action strengthens dentin, achieving the bactericidal effect.

Product Details

DSI Glass-FX is an inventive multi-purpose glass-ionomer cement, designed to form a chemical bond with enamel, dentin, and metal. This cement has been finely ground and screened down to an average particle size of less than 6 microns (<6μm), making it ideal for use as a liner in composite, amalgam, or porcelain restorations that require thinner lining.

DSI Glass-FX light glass ionomer cement is made for lining, lengthy fissure sealing, and lesser lesions. Sustained fluorine-emission action reinforces dentin, attaining a bactericidal effect. The distinct conditioner/varnish that comes with the cement gives one more micro-sealing, that guards restoration and foils the emergence of secondary caries.

Can be used for:

• Cementing crowns and bridges
• Cementing inlays and onlays
• Orthodontic cementation of brackets
• Restoration of milk teeth (all cavities)
• Filling cavities of the 1st and the 2nd classes
• For filling cavities of the 5th class
• Base or lining material under composite, amalgam, and glass ionomer filling material
• Cementation of tooth jewelry


• Extraordinary compressive strength
• Fluoride discharge
• Radiopaque
• Fast and easy to apply
• Lifelong cementations
• Prevent the accumulation of plaque
• Resilient Cementations
• Easy mix - less chair-time
• Negligible pulpal response.

DS-GFX : DSI Glass-FX Kit includes 20g powder + 15 ml liquid + 10 ml varnish + mixing accessories
DSI Glass-FX Mini Kit includes 10g powder and 7ml liquid + mixing accessories

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