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UniTemp EU

DSI UniTemp EU is a zinc oxide eugenol temporary cement for the cementation of provisional restorations such as crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. It is also can be used for cementation or protection of the dental pulp during the surgical operation of restoration or orthodontics. This cement is a reinforced zinc oxide blend with extraordinary strength and versatility. This material can be effortlessly removed once its purpose has been served, making it ideal for temporary fillings and emergency treatments, including restoring deciduous teeth. DSI UniTemp EU has exceptional properties that make it much more durable and suitable for a variety of dental applications. Therefore, DSI UniTemp EU is a remarkable choice for many situations.

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DSI UniTemp EU ensures strong adhesion to the crown and easy removal after use is guaranteed without damage to the tooth. Does not leak and has no sensitivity to temperature change. The addition of eugenol works as a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent. Comes in an automix syringe and is ready to use.

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DSI UniTemp EU is the most reliable and long-lasting product on the market. It can be used to produce highly aesthetic restorations without fear of softening, crazing, or discoloring acrylic or polycarbonate crowns. The strength it provides is unparalleled, as it will not diminish over time.

DSI UniTemp EU is designed to offer a superior experience, with its ease of use and optimal consistency. The flow and mix of this material are smooth, ensuring complete seating of any temporary restoration with the highest level of bond strength while avoiding any damage to either temporary or permanent restorations.


• Maximum strength - reliable crowns fixation for a long time with the option of easy and clean removal when needed.
• Eugenol works as an anti-inflammatory agent with light anesthesia and thus helps the treatment.
• Clean work - easy removal when hardening - without residue.
• Prevents leakage of oral fluids and bacteria.

UTEMP-EU : DSI UniTemp EU temporary cement in an automix syringe 8g

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