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Angulated Ti-Base CAD/CAM Abutment

When it comes to Ti-Base abutments, the positioning options are usually limited. However, with the DSI Angulated Ti-Base, you can adjust the angle of the fixation screw up to 25 degrees on any side, resulting in more aesthetically pleasing and durable crowns. This feature ensures that the screw hole will not be in a vulnerable area of the crown, meaning there is no risk that the composite filling may experience more pressure than the zirconia, or porcelain component of the crown. With the angled approach, it is no longer necessary for patients to keep their mouths open wide and for you to get too deep with your hands for abutment fixation. Achieving optimal aesthetics and convenience for the patient can be attained by eliminating access holes on the visible side of the restoration.

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To achieve a balance of simplicity and aesthetics, DSI developed a new type of Ti-Base abutment and an innovative screw coupled with the unique driver that can be used at various angles. This convenient solution enables an exceptional angular abutment adjustment up to 25°. The system is compatible with the same DSI digital library.

Product Details

Ti-Base abutments are the most effective method for tooth restoration around the world, surpassing traditional techniques in speed, accuracy, and affordability. The DSI Ti-Base prosthetic system has gained much popularity due to its selection of platforms and heights, and now in angles of up to 25° including emergency profile which provide excellent aesthetic appeal with fast recovery times. DSI Ti-Base abutments substantially increase the speed, precision, and cost efficiency of any regular restoration system. No specific modification is necessary for the digital library - making it an unbeatable solution when compared to other options available in today's market. All the DSI Ti-Base Abutments including the angulated work with the same DSI digital library.

To ensure accuracy in the restoration process, the DSI Ti-Base digital system is designed to offer maximum precision and features 3 adjustable milling protocols for optimal scan results. All protocols are highly customizable depending on your needs, with a micron-precision - granting you unerring accuracy in your restorations.

The DSI Angulated Ti-Base Abutment can offer an ideal fit for single and partial or full denture restorations. This prosthetic solution has been designed to have a geometrical structure in order to provide an anatomical adjustment and fit the contours of the gum line for superior longevity and aesthetics. Grade 5 titanium of medical grade quality is used in the crafting of these abutments ensuring excellent results and biocompatibility.


• DSI Angulated Ti-Base can be adjusted up to 25 degrees which creates more aesthetically pleasing and longer-lasting crowns.
• The composite filling does not have to be positioned in a vulnerable area of the crown.
• More convenient insertion of the screw with nor need to go too deep into the oral area.
• A completely new type of screw together with a special new driver that can be used at different angles.
• Designed to work with the same digital library.
• Customized shape and emergence profile.
• Outstanding aesthetic results.
• Could be used for all types of custom restorations.
• Unique concave design that adapts to the gingival height.
• Can be used both screw-retained and cement-retained.
• Increases the speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency of any restoration.
• Delivers the utmost stability for crown attachment.
• Improves the integrity of the whole prosthesis unit.
• Achieving the perfect fit in single and partial or full denture restorations.
• Enables an anatomical adjustment, adapting its profile to the gum line for superior performance over the long term and significantly enhanced aesthetics.
• Grade 5 titanium of the highest medical quality for utmost biocompatibility.  

TB-DS1A, TB-DSH1A, TB-DSH2A, TB-DSH3A, TB-DSH4A: Angulated Hexagonal Ti-Base Abutment Collar Height 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0mm
TB-DS2A, TB-DSR1A, TB-DSR2A, TB-DSR3A, TB-DSR4A: Angulated Rotational Ti-Base Abutment Collar Height 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0mm
SISCA1: supplied with 0.5-2mm G/H
supplied with 3mm G/H
supplied with 4mm G/H
DS-MAAD: Special driver for angulated ti-base abutment

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