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CAD/CAM Conical

CAD/CAM digitally made restorations are becoming more and more popular in today's dental field. Eventually, digital technologies and modern resolutions will take over the market completely, and the "old fashion way" of making dental restorations will be obsolete. It is already happening and it is only a matter of time. DSI digital CAD/CAM solutions are evolving with the high demand of the market and always trying to be a step ahead. All is done in order to be ahead of the competition and give you the best money can buy. DSI digital libraries contain all relevant information and enable simple and easy design for manufacturing the fines restorations with the highest degree of precision, and individual patient's needs. The conical Ti-Base abutments are compatible with NobelActive® connection in regular (4.3-5.0mm) platform and narrow (3.5mm) implant hex connection.

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All DSI Cad/Cam products have their own libraries on DSI library download page. DSI introduces a comprehensive range of CAD/CAM restoration products for different platforms.

Product Details

DSI conical Ti-Base abutments provide excellent geometry in both single and partial or full denture restorations. It allows an anatomical adjustment, a profile adapted to the gum line, and an anatomical shape of the base that provide much better performance over a long period of time and improved aesthetics.

• Can be used both screw-retained and cement-retained.
• Extremely high biological compatibility.
• Long-lasting resistance and high endurance of the metal against corrosion and temperature.
• Much more convenient for the patient - preparation for a simpler structure and a 100% compatible final reconstruction.

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 25 Ncm.

DSI Ti-base allows great trauma reduction during the insertion and removal. Made of the highest level available of medical titanium at Grade 5, to provide the best results and allow biological compatibility. DSI scan posts are made of PEEK and titanium which is the best possible solution for scans. The titanium scan posts are made in a special way that allows the scans to be perfectly sharp with no distortions.


• Customized shape and emergence profile.
• Outstanding aesthetic results.
• Could be used for all types of custom restorations.


TB-DSC1-NP, TB-DSCR-NP: Conical ti-base abutment hexagonal/rotational *NP platform*
TB-DSC1-RP, TB-DSCR-RP: Conical ti-base abutment hexagonal/rotational *RP platform*
SP-DSNP: Conical titanium scan body  *NP platform*
SP-DSRP: Conical titanium scan body  *RP platform*

*NP platform* - Narrow platform 3.5mm conical connection
*RP platform* - Regular platform 4.3-5.0mm conical connection

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DSI CAD/CAM system offers a large variety of different ti-base abutments, scan posts and more.  Please refer to the DSI LIBRARY DOWNLOAD PAGE for our libraries to work properly with DSI CAD/CAM utilities.