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CAD/CAM Digital Analog

Nowadays, the most rapid solution for dental restoration is through the use of Ti-Base abutments. Compared to traditional methods, this method is far superior in that it is faster, more precise, and economical all at once. The DSI Ti-Base prosthetic system is a standout amongst the best choices in the world for those searching for a reliable solution. This system offers various types of platforms and heights, plus emergency profile abutments that provide improved aesthetic appeal. With DSI Ti-Base abutments, the need for individual correction in the laboratory is eliminated and additional remodeling is not necessary. Compared to any other traditional abutment restoration system, DSI Ti-Base offers greater speed, enhanced accuracy, and cost efficiency.

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DSI Ti-Base library is equipped with up to 4 distinct milling precision protocols that are adjustable in order to obtain the precise scan that you require. Each of these protocols can be modified according to your preferences. Accuracy is paramount when it comes to the restoration process. The DSI Ti-Base digital system offers ultimate precision with a maximum of a few microns deviation - providing the capacity for unerring accuracy in your restorations.

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DSI 3D CAD/CAM Analogs provide an advantage when compared to traditional analogs as they can be used in a digital setting. By scanning the implant that has been placed within the patient's mouth, it is possible to print off a model and use the DSI 3D analog as a replica.

DSI 3D Analogs are an ideal way to determine the precise location, orientation, and angle of your implant. Crafted from titanium, each analog comes complete with fixations screws for extra stability when affixed to the model - ensuring it remains secure and movement-free during work. This delivers maximum accuracy and reliability.

DSI Digital Analog offers remarkable geometry in both single and full denture restorations. It enables an adjustment to the gum line that offers enhanced durability and aesthetics when compared to other methods. Furthermore, this feature allows for better performance over long-term usage.


• Outstanding aesthetic results.
• Could be used for all types of custom restorations.
• Compatible with most major brands.
• Precise installation.
• Secure press-fit in the model.
• Can be used with regular tools and drivers, no need for special equipment.
• Precise duplication of the implant position and angle.
• Repeats perfectly the shape and size of the implant.
• Made of high-quality materials.
• Helps to minimize the errors in the creation of a dental prosthesis.

SIA-3D: 3D analog Regular platform 2.42mm internal hex connection
SIA-3D-NP: 3D analog conical connection NP Ø3.5mm
SIA-3D-RP: 3D analog conical connection RP Ø4.3-5.0mm
SIA300-3D: 3D analog for narrow implant hex 2.0mm
SAN14-3D: 3D analog for premium multi unit M1.4
SAFMU-3D: 3D analog for premium multi unit M1.6
SAFMU17-3D: 3D analog for premium multi unit M1.7

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