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CAD/CAM Analog

CAD/CAM digitally made restorations are becoming more and more popular in today's dental field. Eventually, digital technologies and modern resolutions will take over the market completely, and the "old fashion way" of making dental restorations will be obsolete. DSI digital libraries contain all relevant information and enable simple and easy design for manufacturing the final restorations with the highest degree of precision, and individual patient's needs. DSI Digital Analog is an extremely clever and useful implant replica instrument. It is an irreplaceable element for building a final restoration. It is used for precise duplication of the implant position and angle. This is a special analog that can be used for 3D cad/cad recreation and adaptation technology.

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All DSI Cad/Cam products have their own libraries on DSI library download page. DSI introduces a comprehensive range of CAD/CAM restoration products for different platforms.

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Unlike regular analogs, DSI 3D analogs are perfect to use in a digital environment. You can scan the position of the implant that has been inserted into the patient's mouth and then print a model and use the DSI 3D analog as a replica. These analogs will give you the exact location, orientation, and angle of the implant. DSI 3D analogs are made from titanium and they come with fixations screws. The screws are used to secure the analog on the model and disable it from movement. It gives you maximum stability during work.


• Precise duplication of the implant position and angle.
• Repeats perfectly the shape and size of the implant.
• Made of high-quality materials.
• Helps to minimize the errors in the creation of a dental prosthesis.

DSI special Digital Analog provides excellent geometry in both single and partial or full denture restorations. It allows an adjustment, a profile adapted to the gum line, that provides much better performance over a long period of time and improved aesthetics.


• Outstanding aesthetic results.
• Could be used for all types of custom restorations.
• Compatible with most major brands.
• Precise installation.
• Secure press-fit in the model.
• Can be used with regular tools and drivers, no need for special equipment.

SIA-3D: 3D analog (implant replica) Regular platform 2.42mm internal hex connection

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