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Ti-base MUA M1.4 Premium Multi-Unit

The DSI Premium multi-unit CAD/CAM system provides a great solution for those dealing with compromised edentulous cases. As opposed to direct milling onto a multi-unit abutment, which can be time-consuming and difficult to work with, especially when a need to adjust should appear. The ti-base offers a much simpler and more economical process that reduces the risk of errors. Making restoration with a ti-base will always be precise and competent. The restoration will never dangle from side to side and will sit tight enough on the multi-unit with is critical for a proper restoration. Another aspect of the ti-base benefit is that it can hold a higher torque and unlike ceramics of zirconium, it will not crack or break. Ti-base is a much more strong and stable solution.

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DSI's Ti-Base prosthetic system is much faster, more accurate, and significantly cheaper than traditional processes since individual corrections at a laboratory or remodeling are not required. When compared to other solutions available today, this advancement in tooth restoration services is quite remarkable.

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The DSI Ti-Base digital system is renowned for its outstanding accuracy and precision when it comes to restorations. It boasts up to 4 adjustable milling protocols that can be customized according to your needs, with a maximum deviation of only a few microns - guaranteeing the utmost accuracy in your final product. With this digital library at your disposal, you will surely achieve the precise scan you require every time.

There has been a remarkable improvement in tooth restorations in recent years thanks to Ti-Base abutments and CAD/CAM technology. DSI's Ti-Base prosthetic system is becoming increasingly popular as it offers various platforms and heights including emergency profile abutments that can aid quicker recoveries.

DSI Multi-unit CAD/CAM system is made for single, partial, or complete denture restorations. This multi-unit system provides superior geometry and allows for anatomical adjustment to ensure an ideal profile that fits well with gum lines. Moreover, its flexibility ensures enhanced performance and aesthetics over extended periods of use.


• Has been specially developed to provide restorations of compromised edentulous cases.
• Excellent geometry for single, partial, or complete denture restorations.
• Provides superior aesthetic outcomes.
• Allows for an anatomical adjustment to ensure a profile suitable for the gum line as well as a base that is anatomically shaped.
• Improved aesthetics over extended periods of use.
• Increases the speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency of any restoration.
• Match the geometry of the DSI multi-unit scan post.
• Delivers the utmost stability for crown attachment.
• Grade 5 titanium of the highest medical quality for utmost biocompatibility.

TBMU-M14: Ti-base for multi unit abutment 1.4M - fixation screw included

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