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DSI Sil-Flow is a unique, innovative material designed to create a hermetic seal without using an additional cumbersome and ineffective method. It is perfect for a temporary filling of the implant abutment’s screw channel. Based on the viscous silicone matrix with light-curing functionality, it is the game-changer for abutment hole sealing procedure.

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The oral environment is ideal for bacteria and fungi. Without a proper seal, the abutment screw hole instantly becomes contaminated, causing peri-implantitis, which can lead to implant loss. DSI Sil-Flow has been created with the needs of dental professionals in mind for a maximum chair utilisation rate. It allows easy placement and just as easy removal. The light-cured material flows smoothly, making application quick, simple and comfortable. The removal is easy and fast, with only a basic hand instrument necessary for the procedure, as DSI Sil-Flow maintains its elasticity for a prolonged period.

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DSI Sil-Flow is needed to cover the prosthetic screw access hole part of an abutment. When the connection between the implant and the abutment is not secure, oral fluids and nutrients seep in and contaminate the area. Traditionally, you can use different options, such as wax; however, it tends to dissolve over time. You can apply cotton as a substitute, but it does not offer much protection from bacteria growth. Permanent composites are difficult to remove, which defeats their purpose altogether. PTFE( Teflon tape ) is a viable solution, but unfortunately, it has a hefty price tag. All these potential solutions leave something wanting with regard to effectiveness or affordability yet no one stands above all others in both respects.

SilFlo will completely change the work arrangements and save significant time by removing Teflon and liquid composites from your daily routine.
And the best part is pulling it out like a cork with a dedicated probe in fractions of a second!

This is why the DSI Sil-Flow has ever been created. The DSI Sil-Flow was developed with the dental professional in mind. It provides a reliable, cost-effective solution for abutment sealing. The flow is easy, making application and removal quick and simple. Application of DSI Sil-Flow requires only seconds to light cure and a hand instrument to remove.

Not only does it provide an effective seal, but it also helps to prevent screw loosening with an outstanding money-for-value ratio. In conclusion, it is easy to apply and remove while guaranteeing a perfect seal each time which ensures reliability at an affordable price.

  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to extract
  • No cracks
  • No cleaning is needed
  • Always a perfect seal

The cured material shade is semi-transparent white, which blends with the natural tooth colour.


• Innovative abutment sealing material.
• Maintains an easy application process while keeping a tight marginal seal and providing extraordinary sealing ability.
• Light-curing in seconds for faster workflow.
• The homogenous consistency of the material means complete sealing of abutments.
• Remarkable curing time of only 10 seconds.
• Elastic and flexible silicone matrix.
• No cracks, no falling out, no intraoral contamination, bacteria or bad odour.
• No leftovers after removal - no additional cleaning needed.
• Provides a reliable, cost-effective solution for abutment sealing.

SILFLO5: DSI Sil-Flow abutment sealing material 5 Syringes 2g each
SFTOOL: DSI Sil-Flow special tool

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