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Step & Stop Drills

DSI Step&Stop drills are without a doubt the foremost choice when it comes to drilling. Unparalleled in safety and reliability, these drills can be used for numerous applications with great precision and accuracy. Heat generation and vibrations are kept to an absolute minimum with these tools ensuring that each procedure is as easy and safe as possible. Using DSI Step&Stop drills for sinus lifting procedures is a very safe choice. This drill is specifically designed with a special stopper that ensures the chosen depth cannot be exceeded. The safety of these drills is beneficial to the patient, as it minimizes trauma and accelerates post-procedure recovery times while ensuring higher accuracy in results. Ultimately, this makes the entire drilling process simpler and more efficient.

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DSI Step&Stop drills are 100% compatible with any DSI spiral implant and most of the platforms available on the market such as Alpha-Bio, A.B, ZIMMER, Adin, Cortex, Implant Direct, MIS, and more. They are developed specifically for implanting purposes - guaranteeing superior results every time.

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The DSI Step&Stop drills are built in a special way with each drill leading the following drill for fast and accurate drilling. The drill dimension and shape reflect the closest match to the implant geometry. It benefits from a built-in integral stopper, perfect balance, and an optimized cutting edge with a Diamond-like Carbon DLC coating.

DSI Step&Stop drills adjust the socket to reduce the pressure on the implant neck and increase the stability in a deeper area of the socket. The drilling protocol is shorter with these drills and allows faster implant installation, reduced healing time, and better overall final results.

All the drills are made of stainless steel and are autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C. Recommended use cycles for the Step&Stop drills are 50 cycles.


• Compatible with internal-hex systems, such as Alpha-Bio, A.B, ZIMMER, Adin, Cortex, Implant Direct, MIS, and more
• Can be sterilized in an autoclave
• Most useful and affordable
• Made for maximum accuracy, extremely high reliability, and excellent working capacity
• Built with a special stopper
• Maintaining accuracy and reducing trauma to the patient
• Reaching the exact depth without any risk of going further
• DLC dark grey coating reduces the drill's vibration and the cutting temperature
• Adapted specifically to the anatomical shape of the implant
• Less heat generation, fewer vibrations, longer lifespan, and outstanding stability.

TD280L6SC, SD2028L8SC, SD2028L10SC, SD2028L115SC, SD2028L13SC: DLC Step&Stop Drill Ø2.0-2.8mm L (6, 8, 10, 11.5, 13mm)
TD320L6SC, SD2832L8SC, SD2832L10SC, SD2832L115SC, SD2832L13SC:
DLC Step&Stop Drill Ø2.8-3.2mm L (6, 8, 10, 11.5, 13mm)
TD365L6SC, SD32365L8SC, SD32365L10SC, SD32365L115SC, SD32365L13SC:
DLC Step&Stop Drill Ø3.2-3.65mm L (6, 8, 10, 11.5, 13mm)
TD400L6SC, SD36540L8SC, SD36540L10SC, SD36540L115SC, SD36540L13SC:
DLC Step&Stop Drill Ø3.65-4.0mm L (6, 8, 10, 11.5, 13mm)
TD450L6SC, SD4045L8SC, SD4045L10SC, SD4045L115SC, SD4045L13SC:
DLC Step&Stop Drill Ø4.0-4.5mm L (6, 8, 10, 11.5, 13mm)

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