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DSI Grip Implant

Basal/cortical implantology offers the positioning of implants at the basal/cortical bone. Such an approach gives exceptional quality restorations and preservation of complex implants. DSI Grip Implant is the most innovative among implants. It may be used with almost any bone density and bone mass. DSI Grip Implants are inserted directly into the cortical bone which has the least propensity to get resorption. The cortical bone exists even in patients who suffer from acute bone loss due to gum disease or lack of teeth. DSI Grip Implants are ideal dental implants for patients with bone structure problems, such as the elderly population, and deliver exceptional primary stability which is required for immediate loading.

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DSI Grip Implants have sharp, deep, and aggressive threads, and can be placed immediately without the waiting period of osteointegration or additional augmentation with bone replacement materials. They offer remarkable stability, a 2.42mm internal hex connection, and RBM surface treatment which increases the BIC.

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DSI Grip Implant is time-saving compared to any traditional implant which needs bone grafting or augmentation for at least several months. With DSI Grip Implant completely edentulous case can be treated in only one visit. And this is an ideal solution for patients with severe bone loss, or bone structural integrity issues. It also regenerates a lot faster and the healing process is simpler. The operation itself may take longer than traditional implants, but it definitely worth it, because the treatment is quicker and done in one visit without constant follow-ups. your patients will avoid many of the issues that conventional methods carry, and you will have a lower risk of post-operative complications. DSI Grip Implant has another incredible advantage. Because it is installed in the cortical bone which does not resorb over time, it has a better chance of success and durability. And of course, let us not forget the primary most important reason for the patient. The chewing load is distributed more evenly and feels better because the cortical bone is much stronger.

RBM surface treatment:

Resorbable blast media (RBM) treatment is a process that utilizes high-speed particle blasting biocompatible calcium phosphate materials. It differentiates from traditional grit-blasting abrasives in that the implant's surface is not exposed to alumina or silicon carbide materials. In the resorbable blast material method, the excessive use of acids for particle debris removal is no longer necessary as it does not penetrate deep into the titanium surface while still delivering homogenous micro and macro porosity for the optimal implant surface topography both at cellular and protein levels. This method provides a much cleaner textured finish absent of any contaminants typically associated with other grit-blasting elements.


• Immediate placement is done in one visit
• Convenient, fast, and safe method
• Patients have less post-operative pain, swelling or complications
• Cost-effective
• Outstanding bone-to-implant connection and long-lasting stability
• Much more accurate chewing forces distribution
• Prevention of the risk of atrophy
• Especially suitable for the elderly population and patients with severe bone problems
• No risk of inflammation or bacterial infection around the implant as it is hidden in the cortical bone

XDSY1042, XDSY1142, XDSY1342, XDSY1642, XDSY1842, XDSY2042, XDSY2242, XDSY2542: Grip implant Ø4.2mm L 10, 11.5, 13, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25mm
XDSY0850, XDSY1050, XDSY1150, XDSY1350, XDSY1650, XDSY1850, XDSY2050: Grip implant Ø4.2mm L 8, 10, 11.5, 13, 16, 18, 20mm
XDSY0860, XDSY1060, XDSY1160, XDSY1360, XDSY1660: Grip implant Ø4.2mm L 8, 10, 11.5, 13, 16mm

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