DSI two-piece implants

Advanced design and geometry based on platform switching technology makes our implants highly stable and rapid to integrate. Different implants concepts that together provide an complete restorative solution for various implant needs. For superior results, even in the most challenging cases.

A tapered screw-type Implant, self-taping, highly stable and quick to Integrate.

Almost-cylindrical Screw-type Implant for D1 and D2 bone Types. Enables Accurate, Firm Insertion.

Slightly aggressive geometric shape with wide, sharp tread pitch. Soft and mildly dense bone.

The Most Versatile Universal Implant with Wide Range of Options and Sizes

Unique Implant Design with Maximal Primary Stability: Hybrid Dual Thread Concept

Perfect for immediate loading. Clever Conical Connection for a Greater Bacteria Resistance .

DSI David EVI Implant is a pinnacle of dental innovation merging a decade's worth of industry advancements and clinical expertise.

Basal / Ptery dental rehabilitation method that doesn't require bone replacement

DS Zygo Implants are placed through the maxillary arch and anchored in the zygomatic bone.

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