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David EVI Implant

DSI David EVI Implant is a pinnacle of dental innovation merging a decade's worth of industry advancements and clinical expertise. Engineered for precision and performance, this revolutionary implant promises unparalleled results while prioritizing patient comfort and well-being. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the DSI David EVI Implant boasts a design optimized to perfection. Its carefully engineered shape, thread, and microthread design ensure optimal performance and longevity. Installation below the gum line, as recommended, not only preserves peri-implant tissues but also enhances their trophic factors, promoting overall oral health.

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Ideal for scenarios requiring high primary stability, such as sockets or low-density bone cases, the David EVI Implant delivers consistent and predictable outcomes. What sets it apart is its seamless compatibility with the DSI/Zimmer 2.42 platform's core internal hex line, eliminating the need for special tools or prosthetic components and ensuring a cost-effective restoration process.

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All DSI implants undergo the strictest quality control measures. DSI assures that a high percentage of samples are taken from every batch. Each sample passes a very strict set of tests of cleanliness and conformity. Thus providing minimal rejections afterward. All of the products meet the highest international standards. All DSI Implants implants are made of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V ELI, in accordance with ASTM-F136-02

Here are several of the DSI David EVI implant's advantages:

Clever geometry - The David EVI Implant incorporates a reverse-tapered neck and platform switch, strategically maximizing both bone and soft tissue volume. This meticulous design ensures not only optimal aesthetics but also long-term stability, setting a new standard in implantology.

Coronal part excellence - With its cylindrical-conical shape and progressive thread, the implant offers unparalleled fixation and a remarkable bone-condensing effect, even in challenging bone quality scenarios. This innovative feature ensures robust stability and enhances the overall success of the treatment.

Optimized implant body - Featuring double threading in the cervical area, the David EVI Implant enhances load distribution within the cortical bone, promoting superior strength and durability. Additionally, deeper threads towards the bottom facilitate bone condensing in the cancellous layer, further fortifying implant stability and longevity.

Effortless apical positioning - Achieving optimal implant positioning is effortlessly streamlined with reversible cutting grooves and cutting blades in the apical part of the David EVI Implant. This advanced feature ensures precision placement, maximizing surgical efficiency and patient outcomes.

Advanced design elements - The implant incorporates innovative design elements such as annular microgrooves, reducing tension in the bone, while self-tapping ability and progressive threading ensure seamless insertion and optimal primary stability. These advanced features combine to elevate the implant's performance and efficacy.

Simplicity and convenience - Experience a streamlined surgical protocol with the David EVI Implant, compatible with standard surgical kits. Offering a wide range of restorative options, including single crowns, and partial, and total prostheses, this implant ensures convenience without compromising quality or versatility.

Versatile applications - Using two- or one-stage protocols, the David EVI Implant excels across various bone tissue types, including post-extraction socket installations with immediate loading. This versatility ensures adaptability to diverse clinical scenarios, making it the implant of choice for practitioners seeking exceptional results.

Annular microgrooves - The David EVI Implant integrates annular microgrooves, strategically designed to reduce tension within the bone and maximize Bone-Implant-Contact (BIC).

Self-tapping ability - Engineered with increased thread depth and cutting edges, the implant boasts remarkable self-tapping ability, simplifying the insertion process for practitioners.

Progressive thread design - The David EVI Implant features a progressive thread design, meticulously crafted to facilitate easy insertion and achieve optimal primary stability.

Double threads - Positioned within the cortex to minimize marginal resorption, enhancing the implant's structural integrity and longevity.

Symmetrical double thread design - The implant embraces a symmetrical double (twin helix) thread design, optimizing installation time without compromising performance.

Expanding blades - Equipped with expanding blades at the bottom, the David EVI Implant offers a secure fit with both self-tapping and sealing effects. This unique feature ensures optimal implant stability and minimizes the risk of micromotion, fostering reliable osseointegration and long-term success.

Ultra-pure RBM treatment technology - Utilizing ultra-pure RBM treatment technology, the David EVI Implant enhances surface roughness to stimulate optimal tissue response, fostering superior contact osteogenesis.


• Convenient and simple surgical procedure
• Compatibility with standard surgical kits
• Shortened and straightforward surgical protocol
• Wide range of restorative options, including single crowns, partial, and total prostheses
• Applicability for both two- and one-stage methods
• Effective performance across various bone tissue types
• Capability for post-extraction socket installation with immediate loading

The DSI David EVI showcases a mountless packaging design. The implant remains securely stabilized within a fully sterile titanium tube. For retrieval, installation, and subsequent restoration components, we suggest utilizing our DSI universal driver, ensuring seamless operations without the need to switch drivers.

For DSI universal driver please click here

With a comprehensive range of sizes and lengths, ranging from Ø 3.8 mm to 5.0 mm and 8.0 mm to 16.0 mm respectively, the David EVI Implant adapts effortlessly to diverse clinical requirements.

EVI0838, EVI1038, EVI1138, EVI1338, EVI1638: Ø3.8mm L (8, 10, 11.5, 13 and 16mm)
EVI0842, EVI1042, EVI1142, EVI1342, EVI1642: Ø4.2mm L (8, 10, 11.5, 13 and 16mm)
EVI0845, EVI1045, EVI1145, EVI1345, EVI1645: Ø4.5mm L (8, 10, 11.5, 13 and 16mm)
EVI0850, EVI1050, EVI1150, EVI1350, EVI1650: Ø5.0mm L (8, 10, 11.5, 13 and 16mm)

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